DayZ Is Getting A Singleplayer Mode

Briefly: Sick of all the trolls and griefing? Want to wander the apocalypse solo? DayZ is getting a singleplayer mode.


    I can't really watch the vid, but does it say anything about non zombie AI?

    Hurray! Things no one asked for!

      This is the one thing that will likely bring me back into the game. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed some of the large multilayer moments. But often it gets destroyed more often than not by hacks and campers. At least with the single player option, players can choose how to play.

      Hosting your own server has been asked for since day 1. That's huge news. Single player... meh. I just don't see that working at all in an interesting way. I mean, the major threat in DayZ are humans ffs not the zombies. Steam Workshop stuff will be interesting, could it be as buggy as whats in there right now? O_o

      But seriously, at least they finally got zombies to mostly stop walking through walls.

    Im just hanging out for the xbox version of DAYZ

      Have you played it on PC? It's not that good. Prepare for terrible frame rates, (do zombies still glitch through walls?) and fucking slow progress.

    Because they don't know how to effectively implement a system into the game for risk vs reward of being a bandit.

    If the game actually had more zombies then firing your weapon would be real risk and working together would be more rewarding.

    Breaking Point mod for Arma3 = DayZ done right.

    Much better weapon system, a point based "faction system" that actually rewards team work depending on what class you play (play as "good" class and you need to watch who you kill, play as a Hunter and you can kill anyone you want without consequence), play as a zombie being able to control other zombies, or even zombie walk as player.

    Great game and still constantly being updated

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