Destiny: The Taken King Is Official, Out In September

Last week, we told you all about The Taken King, Destiny's next expansion, which will pit you against Oryx, father of Crota. Today we get to see it in action.

As we reported, the new expansion will give you access to three new subclasses with special supers — an electrical storm for warlocks; a void bow for hunters; and a flame hammer for titans.

The Taken King is out on September 15.


    Cool trailer. New sub classes look great.

    Warlock Sith Lightning FTW

    So freakin excited for this!

    Not too happy about them releasing a really cool NEW collectors edition (containing the core game and all 3 expansions) and making me want to re-buy a game that I already own though...

    Last edited 16/06/15 10:24 pm

      $119.95 at EB Games.

      Or get the digital version, with none of the physical items, for a mere $119.70!

      I ended up preordering the physical collector's edition from EB. A quick check of the PSN store had Taken King listed for AU$70, so I figured if I was going to be paying that much anyway then what the hell and went for the cool stuff to sit next to my Ghost on the shelves.

        It just says "unavailable" on the PSN store for me. I freaking hope it isn't $70, because that's insane!

          AU$70 confirmed


    $70 is utterly bonkers! When I heard it was $40 in the States, that sounded expensive, but $70 is just madness.

    Based on the content provided with the previous two "expansions", $70 for what's on offer here is bullshit. I got suckered in by the original hype and bought the expansion pass on release... never again.

    Bye bye Destiny.

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