Destiny's New Patch Means Treasure Keys For Everyone

Destiny's New Patch Means Treasure Keys For Everyone

Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space talking about how good Destiny is now, got a new patch today, and it's got a few changes people will really care about. Treasure Keys for everyone!

Treasure Keys, consumable items that players can use to unlock the main reward chest at the end of the new Prison of Elders mode, are essentially lottery tickets — they're rare items that give you a chance to acquire other, more useful rare items. Since Destiny's House of Wolves expansion pack launched in mid-May, the drop-rate for Treasure Keys hasn't been great, but it looks like that's about to change.

The oddly-titled patch will guarantee Treasure Key drops for the first Wanted Fallen Bounty you finish on any given week. Bungie is also boosting the drop-rate for keys both in Ether Chests (which you find by killing Wolves out in the wild while patrolling various planets) and in the small chests at the end of the Prison of Elders, so finishing a POE run will feel way more satisfying even if you weren't lucky enough to get a key beforehand.

Also: no more looting Ether Chests twice. Although that won't matter much now that the drops are way better. You can read the full set of patch notes here.


    no more looting Ether Chests twice

    noooooo that was actually fun.

      Yeah, I didn't like that you had to try and double-dip because keys were so scarce, but the racing part was so great.

    Thats some good updates. Pity about the change enabling multiple pillaging of chests per spawn but hey, what ya gunna do.

    As nice as looting ether chests multiple times was, it felt broken and cheesy.

    Happy with this patch - would of been even happier with matchmaking being applied to 34 PoE :/

    And tens of thousands of whingers will see just how useless treasure keys are.

    Next they'll be complaining that the stacks don't go high enough or they can't be traded for rep/glimmer/motes/etc at the speaker.

      I've got 3 keys so far (after a decent few bouts of farming chests) and used 2, got same legendary hand cannon both times...

        Apart from the first opening it's nothing but disappointment.

          Except for when the weekly reset occurs, when the drop value for Exotics becomes massive for your first PoE chest opening again.

            Not big enough. Got Her Right Hand for the 5th time since HoW dropped on reset night after doing a 32. But I actually don't care if i have a key or not anymore, I actually play Destiny for it's loot. That's right, I actually enjoy playing PoE with no promise of reward.

      I've got 5 in my vault and 2 on my main dude that I haven't bothered to use because they give crap loot. If you've got every exotic all you get is a crappy Queen's weapon. The sniper is good but that's about it.

    Im just glad they upped the jailbreaker damage by 100% JOY! :D

    Opened my first POE chest last week, found Gjallarhorn and my mate found No Land Beyond. He was a tad salty...

    Christ I wish I knew what you guys were on about.

    I come back to destiny after 6 months and am totally confused as to what all this is about. Game does a horrible job of explaining it all.

    Any good guides out there for a returning player trying to get the most of their play time?

      Depends what level you already are but really - if you're level 20+ you can straight up buy the legendary gear from NPC's in the tower and upgrade 1 exotic armour and you're already level 32 - from there you can join in end game content with just about anyone - go to the reef and try level 28 PoE if you like it find some friends and do lv 34 then lv 35.

      The game just obliterates the need to be level 20-30 if you are even remotely prepared and organised (have strange coins/light motes) you can skip it.

        I'm a lvl 26 warlock. Noticed the warlock vanguard vendor had some great exotic gear but it'll take a while to earn the necessary points to buy any of them.

        Funnily enough I was playing today and joined in on a couple of other guys in the middle of a wolf bounty. When it was over I saw 'ether key' with a timer on my screen, but had no idea what it meant. The other guys just disappeared so I couldn't just follow in their footsteps. It happened again within the hour and this time I figured I'd look around for a chest or something, but then my controller ran out of battery and in my frantic attempt to plug in the charge cable, I accidentally tapped the power button on the Xbox. Comedy of errors that.

        Why is bungie so damn awful at explaining their own game to you?

          I agree I too was confused at first with the ether chests - you do learn their patterns pretty quickly though and can get the chest just about every time - especially if you focus on what other people are doing but its (the chest) normally much closer than you think it is.

          Doing the weekly heroic strike on multiple characters is definitely an easy way to get said necessary coins I only use one character myself and still manage just fine though.

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