Did Those Puppets At Nintendo's E3 Presentation Look Familiar?

Briefly: Did those puppets at Nintendo's E3 presentation look familiar? There's good reason! Muppet fansite ToughPigs contacted The Henson Company, who confirmed it worked with Nintendo. Jim Henson's son, Brian Henson, reportedly directed the opening video too.


    They had a very distinct Muppet look to them (Especially the purple lady) so I was fairly certain they were made by The Henson Company but wasn't quite sure if Nintendo would be able to wrangle something like that. Nintendo may rarely have the best news in show, but they certainly know how to entertain the audience. Sony and Microsoft should take notes.

      I dunno, personally I get more excited seeing games and game news at E3. I love the Muppets but when I want to see them, I go watch the Muppets, not E3 press conferences :P

      (Their opening was pretty great though)

    No, but they were sure as hell creepy. *shudder*

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