Dishonored Player Might As Well Be A Human Killing Machine

Dishonored Player Might As Well Be A Human Killing Machine

It is such a joy to watch one of the best Dishonored players in the world perform incredible feats of murder.

In this montage, Dishonored player StealthGamerBR is basically saying ‘Screw stealth. Chaos route is way more fun.’ And, after watching this, I’m inclined to agree. Damn!


  • The one thing I disliked about Dishonored was this. Such beautiful combat was ultimately punished in the ending.

  • I loved the game, but man there’s no way I did any cool shit like this 😛 God I’m a dull player 😛

  • Who cares if the story punishes you? The gameplay doesn’t and it’s amazing. I did both ghost runs and chaos runs, the dynamics are incredible. So many different ways of being a badass. To me the whole “you’re evil for killing everyone” crap was indeed stupid – I mean, the place is basically a totalitarian state being manipulated by power hungry assholes.

    It’s easy for Sam to say you’re a bad person when he wasn’t the one having to deal with all of the crap the higher ups caused. All he and the others did was sit on their asses waiting for you to do the dirty work, only to be betrayed yet again.

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