Doom Is Finally Coming In Spring 2016

Doom Is Finally Coming In Spring 2016

Tonight at Bethesda’s pre-E3 press conference, we got our first extended (extremely violent) look at the new Doom.

First, we got a lengthy look at a single player battle in the game, which combines the fast-paced ultraviolence of old-school Doom with some ridiculous slow-mo kill animations.

Next, Bethesda showed off a quick sizzle reel from the game’s included multiplayer, before showing off a new tool that will let players make and instantly share their own custom maps and game modes. To cap things off, we got another video from the singleplayer game, this time set in the bowels of Hell.

We’ll have all the videos as soon as we’re done uploading them. In the meantime, enjoy some gifs:

Doom Is Finally Coming In Spring 2016
Doom Is Finally Coming In Spring 2016


  • Am I the only one (I already know I’m not) that thought the DOOM 4 trailer was completely overshadowed by Fallout?

    • DOOM? Is that the generic thing-shooter footage that they played while I was waiting for Dishonored?

    • What was so great about Fallout 4? Combat looked wooden and slow.

      I don’t need another a reskinned Fallout 3 (not even reskinned because it looks dated as hell)

  • I caught the trailer after I came in late to the live-stream of Fallout 4. But I think it comes down to what you are looking forward to most. I’m looking forward to F4 so much. Doom, almost has to prove itself again (even though I like D3).

    • I’m not getting a lot of the hate. People probably expecting it to look exactly like 94 Doom and then being shocked when it’s current gen graphics. Wolfenstein was a fantastic reboot of old school shooting. There’s no reason at all why Doom won’t follow suit

  • Damn… i am looking forward to this, probably more so than Fallout 4.

    You can’t go off what the gameplay video, it gives us a good indication what the final gameplay will be like but there is still the story and other elements that will be revealed (probably at Quakecon) and have actual demo for people to try out.

  • Loved the doom gameplay. Really no-holds-barred, and I particularly enjoyed the carnage – especially in that hell firefight where all the mutilated corpses stayed around instead of fading away. Weapon switch system is cool, always loved how many weapons doom had but the slow-motion will make switching between them quite fluid. Very fast-paced yet still gorgeous, and encapsulates what I like most about doom. Colour me excited 🙂

  • Just watched the trailer.

    Looks amazing. I’m sick of every AAA game being a 60+ hour time investment. I just want to mindlessly blast some shit for a change.

    Oh how fickle we consumers are.

    • that’s weird, most of the complaints I hear about AAA games are that not many go over 20+ hours… bang for your buck and whatnot.

      • Yeah, but I think that’s just people nickel & diming.

        When I was a student, I could literally play Halo all day. But I’m pretty time poor nowadays, and a 3 hour playthrough of Portal sounds pretty amazing.
        I think those who enjoy short games are just less likely to be vocal about it than those who complain about games not being long enough.

        I mean, I can’t even remember the last RPG I finished. When I was younger, I finished BG1/2, Fallout 1/2 and many more games. But I barely make it an hour or two into their modern equivalents.

        In fact, I tend to prefer playing MMO’s to RPG’s now, because the story doesn’t matter. I can drop it for 6 months then come back for a couple of hours one weekend and slide right back in.

        *Sorry for the late reply =)

  • Doom 4 didn’t really do itself any favors. Most doom fans from now are Doom 3 fans, which was a story focused suspense game. This is just run and gun fast paced action, the polar opposite to Doom 3, it does go back to it’s original Doom gameplay style, but is that a good thing? There’s a reason why the genre has evolved since then.

    I could understand them doing this, but a AAA release? hmmm

    • Most doom fans from now are Doom 3 fans
      [citation needed]

      I don’t know how Doom 3 could be the game to make “Doom fans”. Doom 3 was an average fair. Doom 1/2 still hold up as excellent games. If you consider yourself a “Doom fan” and you’ve only played 3, then well, you’re not a Doom fan.

      Going back to its roots is exactly what the series needed.

      Imagine if you will, they announce Red Faction: Bastards, and it’s about shooting dudes and destroying stuff. But then someone says “well hold on, why would they do that, most Red Faction fans these days are Red Faction: Armageddon fans, which was a horror game”, because that’s basically what you’ve done.

      • I’m living proof of Doom fans loving Doom 3, and I played Doom 2 back in the day (and loved it). Doom 3 was an evolution that the game needed. It’s atmosphere was fantastic. Super creepy. Combined with an uncover-it-for-yourself story and a great way of conveying it (left-behind PDAs of voice recordings), it was brought into line with the then-modern FPS games, rather than being overshadowed and outdated by them.

        I for one am not happy that they are now taking a step backward. Sacrificing atmosphere, suspense and creep factor for run and gun gameplay seems stupid to me.

    • TBH, i’m in need of another run and gun action game. There are plenty of games out there with enough story and personal investment, but I’m hoping this will sit up there with L4D2 as the game I go to when I don’t want to think; I just want something satisfying. And that’s why, for me, this is what I want out of Doom. Doom 3 just didn’t cut it.

  • The ‘cinimatic’ foot-stomping kills is a bit of a turn off. Reminds me a lot of Dead Island, where it boiled down to ‘knock them own then insta-kill foot-stomp.”

  • Doom 4 (NEVER “Doom”) is the only game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.
    Having watched all the videos (probably)… I’m not wowed. It looks okay.

    Double jumping? Yeah, it might be good. A new level of exploration. Same with mantling.
    The shotgun looks ugly and isn’t Doom-levels of beefiness. The Super shotgun looks nice.
    The chainsaw seems annoying, the way it has you standing still every single time.
    Nice to see the doors make THE noise.
    Plasma rifle is unrecognisable, but it fires just like it should.
    Assault rifle is pretty bleh.
    No regenerating health is a plus.

    I guess it remains to be seen how good it ultimately is, but I don’t think it’s going to win “best entry in Doom series”.

    • Not at all sold on the Destiny/Borderlands style sparkly health drops from enemies. As a diegetic element, they’re shit.

  • I watched the bethesda conference live just for this Plenty of nostalgia in there. But it’s definitely a new game.
    I can see the chainsaw getting annoying, as with most of the “take downs”. It’s like most games with those features: they’ll be novel and kinda cool the first few times, but they’ll get old quick. The chainsaw didn’t seem to give you a choice to do the “take down”.
    While I’m not getting my hopes up, that last gameplay video in hell got me on edge like I was playing it. If it can give me the same experience with the real thing, then I’ll be happy.
    I like the idea of the content editor, but it looked like it would be pretty basic/tedious on the console version. I hope they have some more advanced features available on the PC version.

      • I thought Doom 3 was generally considered a bit of a flop by fans of the series. It certainly didn’t hold a candle to the first two for me.

        As an aside, John, I hear rumour that you are the demons.

        • Yeah I gave Doom 3 a good proper run a few months ago. I played Quake 4 a few months before that and they’re virtually identical. More so when you consider neither of them had what made the first games in the series such smash hits.

          You know, it’s funny you bring that up. You see, first I had to kill the demons, and then – well, time makes fools of us all!

  • I hope for this presentation they had the lighting turned up. I really want to see this with darker lighting and a bit more atmospheric.

  • It’s a shame they are going this direction, back to its roots. While its roots is what made shooters what they are today I really liked 3s direction. It lacked in a few area’s but a lot of what it had was before its time, for instance one thing that it was blasted for was its lack of cut scenes/forced story, delivering it by finding peoples diaries on their PDF, letting people discover as much as the story as they want.

    Moving forward to today that is a great feature. That many gamers now like, they want less intrusive stories. The story itself was a bit flat sure but nothing a good writer couldn’t fix. It had scary moments and also still had the old shotgun vs demon charm its predecessors had.

    Personally Doom 3 was one of may favorite games, it hardly was an all time great but it had a lot going for it that could of easily been built on rather then going in a totally different direction.

  • This looks great but a good story will need to tie it together otherwise it will get boring pretty quick.

    • I was so pleasantly surprised by how great wolfenstein came out. It didn’t reinvent the genre or anything it was just really fun. I think Bethesda’s doom will be more of the great stuff. Can’t wait

  • IMHO, I can’t wait to run through this game with the same feeling as doom 2/ doom95 (and many other .wads I’ve played through).

    Doom 3 was awesome, I still own my xbox metal case version. The game was a little slow to start, then picked up. Scare factor was attempted throughout it and for the most part was successful (though certainly Doom 3 was no Dead Space, regarding the shock factor). I appreciated that the story could be almost disregarded if you decided not to pick up the PDAs. I played through once on normal, picked up all of them, then played through Doom2 style on hard, rushing it as fast and efficiently as possible. Was good fun.

    For Doom 2016, I truly do yearn for puzzles as simple as 5 color keys per ‘map’/level and difficult mobbing of creatures filling the screen. I know that’s not what I’ll receive in the released package but hopefully, as per Doom3, I can at least play through it in that style.

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