E3 PC Gaming Show Liveblog

E3 PC Gaming Show Liveblog

I have no idea what to expect from this E3 PC conference thing. That’s why I want to liveblog it. JOIN ME!

You can watch the show streaming live here.

Okay, I’m finally chowing down on my porridge and waiting for this to start. This is a weird one. E3 has always felt like more

Wait, the livestream hasn’t started yet? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF THIS THING IS HAPPENING OR NOT?

Oh god, was just told this thing starts in an hour. Great.

Alright we’re back. Sorry about that. We had been told 10am. Turns out that was just the bloody doors opening on the thing, not that actual start time.

Talk about your all time E3 moments.

I expect nVidia to masturbate on stage

I’m loving the dreams of Half-Life 3. But yeah. Come on guys. Come on.

The PC Master Race subreddit must be soiling their drawers at this intro.

I had a look at the speaker list for this. Almost 30 dudes. Zero women. In an E3 that’s been so good for diversity, that’s a pretty massive oversight.

This is already reminding me that I need to get a new gaming PC. It’s been too long.

Also — Killing Floor 2 looks like it does Doom way better than the new Doom does. Easily.

“Come and play our game we will not delete your stats”

Hahah. This guy seems lovely.

I feel like Chris Roberts has the political clout to mount a coup for the PC Gaming Master Race throne. Sorry Gaben.

Chief Gaming Scientist.

Chief Gaming Scientist.

Did this guy just make up his own nickname?

Sorry PC graphics cards and tech and whatnot — this is not really my area of expertise, so please don’t get too made at the radio silence.

“It’s not about trying to trick you into buying new stuff”.

This is like the opposite of the Apple ethos. This guy is alright I guess. You’re a good guy ‘Chief Gaming Scientist’. If that is your real name.

So this is super low budget and not what we’re used to at all with E3 conferences. But I’m finding it kinda goofy and charming so far.

Okay the Deus Ex guys are on the stage.


And oh man, we’re really starting to up the nerd quotient with all the details of how the engine works. This is what I expected from this show and I’m kinda down with it.

“Half-Life 3” shout a man from the crowd. Oh dear.

Yeah, I don’t thing we’re going to see anything newsworthy or new from this. Most likely just a retread of what we’ve already seen in a conversational format. A couple of game demos and whatnot. Kinda okay with that. This feels like a completely different pace.

Total War: Warhammer guys currently on. Talking about character classes and stuff.

Phil Spencer is here. This is hilarious. I have no idea what this is going to look like.

“There have been times when we’ve lost our way with PC gaming.”

Nice to hear him admit that. Games for Windows was pretty terrible.

Killer Instinct on the PC. WHO CARES ABOUT HALF-LIFE!

Yea, Killer Instinct is the weirdest thing. Was anyone really clamouring for that series to come back? Let alone for it to be on PC.

Alright, Fable lost its lustre after Fable 2 so I don’t really give two hoots about this one. I doubt it’s gonna be a humdinger on PC either.

Gigantic on show right now — the cel-shaded games shown at… Microsoft I think? I like the look of it. Good to see more of it in motion. Folks are currently talking about how it has MOBA elements in it, so that’s interesting.

Rod Fergusson is on-stage. Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to PC. Well that’s a bit of news! It’s going to support mouse and keyboard, along with the Xbox controller and the new fancy (expensive) Xbox controller.

Oh shit. American Truck Simulator. MEGATON. DROP DA BOMB PC GAMING SHOW.

That trailer had the worst music of all time. And it made so much sense.

Okay now I’m hungry and this is all seeming a little less charming.

Okay, Dean Hall is on stage with his super New Zealand accent.

Man. It really is pretty awesome and broad when you’re looking for it.

Dean Hall truly belongs on Flight of the Conchords.

Yeah, pretty safe.

Sony’s conference is looking pretty safe so far…

It is now lunch time and I need a pee. I’m totally regretting my decision to liveblog this.

Pillars of Eternity on stage, some proper questions being asked about Kickstarter. That’s quite refreshing.

“In the excitement of the Kickstarter, you can sometimes offer too much. And I think we did that.”

Interesting comment. Pillers of Eternity has an expansion coming btw.

Planet Coaster? That looks fun. Not what you might expect from this show. I like the look of it.

Okay a Hitman ‘man’ is now here. I wonder if we’ll actually get to see the game.

(Or hear him. Bloody hell someone turn this guy’s mic on)

Well, Hitman looks visually stunning. Fully.


Bohemia is here. Showing off some Arma III stuff. This is where these guys belong.

They want a Dinosaur mod. I want a Dinosaur mod. Everyone wants a Dinosaur mod. So yeah, let’s get it done.

Hey, Beyond Eyes! I remember thinking this looked really cool. Good to switch things up from talk about engines and technology.

This is going on too long. Way too long.

Okay Tacoma, rescue me by being interesting and good.

Good to hear that Tacoma is keep the scale small. That’s a good thing I think.

Some never before seen footage of SOMA. Gonna need a pillow to hide behind.

Day-Z stuff. I’m going to have to bail soon. I legitimately have a meeting at 1pm! Didn’t expect this to run so long.

Okay, apologies, I have to head off. Thanks for joining me. You can watch the remainder of the show here if you aren’t watching already!


  • I expect nVidia to masturbate on stage. Then AMD will try to top it with a public display of autoerotic asphyxiation.

    Then there’ll be SteamBox stuff.

    Then the presenters will freeze for 5 mins & the whole thing will start over.

    At some point, there’ll be something about Kickstarter.

    Pillars of Eternity expansion maybe?

    StarCraft something.

    Blizard will announce a new MMO which still wont dethrone WoW.

    More Fallout 4 stuff. Modding talk probably.

    45 minutes dedicated to mouse mats.

    Presentation ends with a BSOD.

    • i agree i love the pic of episode 2 which i happen to be playing and have the same thoughts PLEASE half life 3 “make it so number one”

    • we have lost our aussie cynicisms and piss taking in this country now thx to the PC brigade and i dont think we will ever get it back

  • Hearts of Iron IV trailer is my Paradox prediction. Probably a Magicka thing, maybe Pillars DLC with Feargus from Obsidian

  • I’m loving the dreams of Half-Life 3. But yeah. Come on guys. Come on.
    Ordinarily I’d agree with you but there’s been a few announcements that were very unexpected so hey, who knows?

  • Valve reveal Half-life 4, a sequel to Half-life 3 (which they will still release at a later date).

  • Watching this just confirms that I need a new PC, I’ve been meaning to build one for ages now, the 6 year old i7 920 is getting a bit long in the tooth, and I’d love an SSD or 3 😀

  • The guy that’s on at 11.19, is he from AMD? I’m swapping to the tab every now and then and have no sound as I’m at work.

  • Just tuned in, this feels like The Tonight Show with games developers, minus the cheesy band

  • Any news on the new AMD cards? The pricing looks okay to me, but I’d love to know the performance vs the 980Ti and Titan X.
    On paper it looks like the water coooled R9 Fury will be faster than the Titan X at nearly half the price, was there any hard info on it?

    • We’ll have to wait for for third party reviews for some solid performance benchmarks but AmD is saying the amd fury x will be 5k ready. Also they’ve announced the successor to the r9 295×2 and the fury nano (290x performance and half the tdp in a small form factor). I hope these things deliver! All three fury gpus will have hbm memory so crazy bandwith on all three!

  • I want to know what’s in that case that chief gaming scientist guy brought out.

    • To be expected though with no one company driving the conference, instead developers get 3/4 minutes to talk about their game

  • Killer Instinct on PC was the only announcement i wanted from this show, and i got it, so i’m happy.

    And mark, A LOT of people wanted KI on PC, nearly every stream and video of the game has a million people crying for a port, sure it’s not Half-Life 3, but a lot of people wanted this, don’t be an ass about it.

      • and it’s got Cross-Platform play as well so the community wont be split, it’s the best possible information we could have gotten!

      • Also, Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition. I’m hoping for a lot more Xbone games to come to PC, like Forza 6 and Rare Replay.

  • Can’t wait to get “hands-on” with VR. Should only be about another 5-6 months before the HTC Vive comes out.

  • “I had a look at the speaker list for this. Almost 30 dudes. Zero women. In an E3 that’s been so good for diversity, that’s a pretty massive oversight.”

    Should they have female presenters just for the sake of having female presenters? It’s nice to encourage women who want to work in the industry and to try and make it a supportive industry but is it really a “massive oversight” to not have female presenters in a male dominated industry?

        • If we were talking about job hiring, maybe. But this is a PR presentation. Putting their best foot forward is the whole point of the exercise. And having an all male 2+ hour show makes the PC world look out of touch, especially considering the efforts made earlier in E3.

          If we as a community want more women in the gaming industry, we need to show that it’s an environment that they will be welcome in. And if that means fudging the numbers a bit and making sure women are represented in shows like this, so be it.

  • Claim master race all you want, but this is 100% amateur hour. It’s like a fifth rate talkshow on public access tv.

    • Well there is no single entity to run this, it’s just a group of separate companies that getting a few minutes to discuss a game.

    • Unlike Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda; “PC” isn’t actually a multi-national company (it stands for “Personal Computer” just fyi), so there’s no massive “PC” corporation who are bankrolling this. So no pre-rehearsal, no scripts, idk who the host is but I’m guessing he is just an actor.

      • Really doesn’t matter, it felt directionless and pointless to be honest. I’ve seen productions like this before that had better direction and focus and put out a far better result. This was scattershot at best.

  • Sigh. Game of thrones spoiler in the PC Gamer twitch chat.

    I hate people sometimes.

  • Upcoming game called H…… itman.

    He knows we wanted to hear HL3.

    Also, who is doing the sound checks for these guys? Someone’s getting fired.

    • They’re probably hot-swapping the mics between guests. It’s easy for a plug to un-jack when you do this.

      • It wasn’t unplugged though, just absurdly quiet… I’m guessing someone forgot to turn the volume up

  • Complain that there are no women presenters, then joke when one comes on. That’s great.

    • The “AMD Presents: PC Gaming Show, Powered by PC Gamer” title card makes me think it’s NVidia.

    • That reminds me… Whatever happened to those Bohemia devs who got arrested in … I want to say Europe … as spies?

      • they got freed and cleared of all charges.. jay crowe was one of them, the other was ivan butcher

        • I would think that any sensible government would think twice about releasing anyone named ‘Ivan The Butcher’.

          …Ohwait, I mentally inserted that ‘the’ in error. Don’t mind me.

  • Soma looks interesting. I could never really get into Amnesia, but this seems more my thing.

  • This conference just goes on and on doesn’t it. Really not much of note. I’m kind of interested in that small form AMD card though but depends on how powerful

  • Okay… so I got bored and started looking up HL3, ended up on valves website, why is the 2nd image on their slider HL3!?!?!?!

    Is it happening?!?!?!

    Edit – Just saw story on main page, apparently fake site. hopes dashed.

    • He’s disappointed that it’s not the Kotaku PC Show. The amount of spite in this article is appalling.

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