EA's E3 Conference Liveblog: We Are Still Awake!

We are still liveblogging E3 and why not. Who's still awake? I'm actually quite excited for EA's conference — Mirror's Edge!

You can watch the conference here.

5.45 Man, this adrenaline's gonna wear off real soon. No probs. I'll just eat some porridge. What are you all hoping to see from EA's conference? Battlefront? Mirror's Edge? LOTS AND LOTS OF SPORTY THINGS?

5.53 Bloody hell. I dunno about you but I'm in Sydney and my house is really, really cold right now. I am fully wearing a jacket and I'm considering upgrading to a scarf.

6.01 It's a mystery.

jacka Why are we still awake?

6.03 Yeah fuck it, why not open the show with GODDAMN MASS EFFECT. Holy shit. There you go.

6.05 Abandoning the jean jacket combo for the full suit. RISKY MOVE EA. RISKY MOVE. I don't know about you, but I feel alienated.

6.08 Man, I can't get excited about NFS. Sorry to those that love it. It's hardly a bad series, there's been some proper classics, but car games and E3 don't mix for me.

6.11 Dat cut-scene into game transition. That was cool. Maybe I shouldn't be so dismissive. Just not that big of a rev-head.


6.15 Oh man, my attention span can't take this non-Microsoft E3 conference pacing. Show cool stuff. SHOW ME COOL STUFF BEFORE I START DRIBBLING ON MY KEYBOARD.

6.16 Truly those kids were too young to be messing with lightsabres. Could have had an eye out.

6.19 Finally, a suit jacket/jeans combination I, as a working man, can relate to. Love this guy. Repping smart casual to the goddamn grave. What a bro.

6.22 This guy is genuinely adorable. And I think I like the look of this game. Even if it does feel a bit derivative of Nintendo stuff.

6.25 Wow, Unravel is one of my favourite games of the show already. The art is so gorgeous. I just want to eat that game up. Love the themes, love the creator's enthusiasm. Love his little yarn guy.

6.27 Tweet of the day so far.

6.35 Man, this is intense. Sports time. I like sports. I really do.

But Hockey is a weird game to lead with. It's such a niche thing, even in the US.


6.41 My son just woke up. Good timing boy. They're doing the boring sports part.

6.45 Man, trying to hold back on the snark this year, so I'll just be blunt. After the Bethesda and Microsoft conferences, this is hard to watch.

6.47 I take it back this is my favourite tweet so far...

6.50 Pele! Pele is here! Pele is da real Hoop God! I love you Pele! I LOOOOOVE YOU.

How the hell does Pele get to be 100 years old and look like that? How the hell does he do that.

6.54 They really should have brought on Sepp Blatter.

7.00 Just going to say the obligatory and obvious: FIFA is probably still the best sports game on the planet and you can't really be snarky about that.

7.02 Man, a pretty cool showing for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. I love the soundtrack, the aesthetic, the vibe — everything really. February next year is too long to wait, but I think it might be worth it. Seems like a real passion project. Love it.

7.13 The sports to games ratio in this E3 conference has been... lopsided to say the least. How much sports can you bear to see Star Wars Battlefront?

7.16 Okay, Battlefront time.

7.21 To be perfectly honest, I was expecting this to feel like a Star Wars skin of Battlefield, and I guess you could argue that's precisely what Battlefront is, but this feels quite authentic to me. I like it. I think the sound is what is really selling me on it.

7.25 Well that was pretty exciting. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker locking sabres? COME ON MAN! COME ON!


    I can't wait until they show a half minute of Battlefront 3 (excite!) and for the rest of the internet to poop all over it and claim it's massively inferior to Battlefront 2!

    Woke up just in time for this. Only thing I am hoping for is PVZ Garden Warfare 2.

    That game was a pleasant surprise last year.

      That popped up in the Microsoft conference.

    So either EA just managed to escape the uncanny valley or there was some really crafty and seamless cut between live action and game footage

      They really do need to stop hyping up battlefront, it would be like a scroller coming up every 10 minutes during dark knight rises saying "batman will be fighting bane in x minutes"

        Mobile pitch started out like a shareholder conference.

          Anyone else worried about the paywall. Every time they brought up "send them out on" or "build this thing". It might just be jaded me talking but the history of mobile games doesn't set a good standard.

      As cool as it is to have a sit down with pele and watch him rag on american football and tell his story, they are losing the audience. Battlefront is going to need to shit rainbows and hand out free chicken wings to redeem a pretty stale conference so far.

    That mascot intro was AWFUL. So cringe worthy.

    Unravel looks like a cross between Trine and an Amanita Design game. Gorgeous.

    I reckon they could have cut that down to 45 minutes and still have been a bit short on content.

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