EB Games 'Biggest Sale Ever' Isn't The Biggest Sale Ever. But It's Still Okay.

EB Games is seemingly always having a sale. Particularly in-store where they seem to be perennially draped in red and white banners. Usually those sales are pedestrian, but this online one? It's actually good.

If you head to the home page you'll find a list of interesting stuff, divided into games for $19, $23, $28, $47 and $77.

There's better stuff in there than you might expect.

Like Titanfall for $19.

Or Assassin's Creed III for $19.

How about $23 for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Halo 4 is $28.

Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS is $47. Which is kinda decent.

But the real surprise with this sale is the volume, which is ponderous. There is a lot of stuff in here. A lot. Worth checking out for sure.


    I traded toward Dark Souls 2 on PS4, so that was nice.

    EB Games is basically Rugs a Million at this point. How long until we get 5+ years of "closing down" sales?

      "ONLY $99 (plus the season pass, less if you trade something you bought last month for $15 credit! $16 if you have a card!)

      Rugs a Million had a closing down sale about as frequently as John Farnham had a farewell tour.

    Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS is $47. Which is kinda decent.

    Except usual Target price is $49.

    Really what these sales do in most cases is brings the price down to what JB/Target sell the games for or just a bit cheaper than them.

      EB's system is more based upon trades. Realistically it's better suited to people with kids. That way they buy tonnes of random crap games that the parents don't really want....and then a month later when they are collecting dust and never touched they can be traded. Plus you can price match anyway so yeah in that sense the sale is not that relevant. If you combine price match and trades you'll find that most of the time you aren't paying that much.

    I got Wolfenstein the New Order for $28, that's not bad. Better than it was on Steam until the Daily Deal happened.

      Bought it last week from Harvey Norman for $18. They were having a long weekend deal thingy and I decided that then was the time to act.

      Thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting for this one to drop down a bit.

    oh yeah excellent sales on games from 2014. I was impressed that all those big hits last years were now the same price as my local JB.

    And what's even worse? They attempted to sell a copy of Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One to some kid and his mum for $99. I stepped in and told them JB and Target had it for at least $30 cheaper and walked off. Was later glad to see that same mother and son in Target buying it for $69.

      I'll take things that never happened for $20.

      I've done that before. I feel no shame. EB Games are rip-off merchants.

      You're making it sound like they intentionally tried to scam the kid and his mum. Guys are probably just doing their job man, don't have to act all whiteknight about it...

      You know they price match right?

        Actually this store refused to "do a better price" when the mum asked. The worker claimed the Next store to sell it was on the other end of the plaza. So I just casually mention Target, which was the store, had it for $69. That's all. No white knight. Just trying to save someone a few bucks.

        And yes, later on in Target as I was buy some Lego, I did actually see the mum and son. And I felt a certain bit of pride knowing that a 5 minute walk saved them $30.

          EB can only price match an in-store price - not online, so either the better price was online only - which it sounds like wasn't the case, or the customer didn't show evidence, which is what the employees need. If neither of those were the case then I guess that's fair enough. EB does price match though so as long as it's an in-store price and you have evidence it should be fine.

    I have many stories of EB Games and their sneaky deals. Once sold me a new PS4 console in white. I got home and opened it up to find the plastic on the controller was missing. Thought nothing of it until I set up the console to find a user profile registered on my console and a few screenshots and recorded clips. Wasn't happy and took it back, where the staff member told me it was a mistake and gave me a second console from the back. Needless to say, having a friend who worked there, he would often tell me many illegal stories his particular store practised.

      I could tell you a few as well - mainly regarding bullshit staffing policies.

      Same thing happened to me, but with a "brand new" Playstation TV bonus. Not cool.

    None of those things seem that great, you could get titanfall for $20 6 months ago, and now it's included under EA Access. BlackFlag was going for $10 a pop on ebay not long ago due to the obscene amount of unwanted bundle download codes.

    Eh, I got the collector's edition of Assassin's Creed: Rogue for $36, which is cheaper than the regular version everywhere else.

      I was considering that, but then I wondered - is it so cheap because of an upcoming E3 announcement of a PS4 version? Probably.

        Possibly, although it was so under-promoted compared to Unity that I'd be prepared to believe it's just a flood of stock that they could never shift.

    LBP3 is just $16 (preowned). I'm thinking about picking it up for that price (I traded it in for much more than that when I first got my PS4 :P).

    The most ridiculous thing I find about the EB Games sales is they cover the entire store in red and white "sale" signs, stickers and banners.

    You can't possibly miss the fact that they having a sale, I guess.

      The funny thing is people do come in and say, "Are you guys having a sale at the moment?"

    The last sale they had I purchased Lego Hobbit and Resistance on Vita for $28

    Now Lego Hobbit is about $24 (last time I checked)

    Also, Driveclub seems to change price EVERYTIME they have a sale. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower

    I feel a bit bad i dudded them out of $5 yesterday accidentally (i really do mean that too) told them splatoon was going for $54 at Big W when i think it is $59.

    Picked up Killzone Shadow fall for $14. Totes worth it.

    Why do EB get praised for this? AC III is $19 at JB permanently, last time they had one of these sales you guys did an article and mentioned Titanfall on sale for $29, which it was permanently that price at JB already. The only thing they have going for them are their oh so tempting exclusives.

    EB have ridiculous prices, to think I've seen someone trade in a copy of Black Ops on 360 with an EB price tag for $120 just annoys me so much.

    Honestly, I've been finding the EB sales to be better than the steam sale this time around because of the godawful exchange rate.
    Every game on my steam wishlist that is available at EB has also been cheaper there. I know for sure that the games I'm buying this sale time will be there. (specifically Borderlands 2 GOTY for $19!)

    No... just no... my pile of shame is just too high right now! lol

    oh alright... maybe just one haha

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