Everything You Need To Know About Fallout 4 And The Bethesda Conference

Everything You Need To Know About Fallout 4 And The Bethesda Conference

On the off chance that you just sauntered over to your computer and want to know what the hell just happened in video game land, here is a quick round up of all the Bethesda/Fallout 4 news that broke over the last couple of hours.

Note: there was a lot of stuff.

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4
Just about everything about Fallout 4. Well worth checking out. Seriously, one of best E3 presentations I’ve ever seen to be honest. All cynicism blasted to the sun.

Fallout 4: November 10 This Year
Unreal. Cannot wait.

Dishonored 2 Announced, Lets You Play As Emily
Female protagonist in Dishonored 2. This looks great. Not much in the way of gameplay, but I’m excited for this.

Doom Is Finally Coming In Spring 2016
I thought this was extremely underwhelming to be quite honest. You mileage may vary.

Fallout Shelter Announced, Out Tonight
See I love these kind of announcements. Seriously regretting making the switch to Android right now.

The Elder Scrolls Is Getting A Card Game
Hard not to be cynical about this.

Watch The Bethesda E3 Conference Here!
You can play catch up here.

Bethesda E3 Conference Liveblog: E3 Starts Early This Year!
Just in case you want my reaction SENTENCE BY SENTENCE!

Stay tuned to Kotaku. Next big conference is Microsoft and it kicks off at 2:30am. Yes we’re staying and liveblogging! Come and join us!


  • @markserrels Pete Hines hinted at a Android version on twitter. Sounds like the usual Apple paid exclusive deal though. Makes sense for it to be free for them to’ve gotten money from Apple for it

    One of the best conferences I’ve seen though. Absolutely great lineup of games. Say what you want about Zenimax being really strict about their IPs, their IPs are amazing. All 3 main games shown are why I bought a PS4

  • Well, after the Euro Honeymoon in Sept/Oct. A November release date will do wonders to assist my bank account back into the black!

        • My fiancee is Chinese so we’re stopping by Hong Kong first to meet her family (that will be fun), the euro component of our trip is Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne) and Italy (Venice, Milan). 😀

          • Sounds awesome. We are actually going to Singapore with a group of friends first, for the F1’s. I am wanting to train trip through Switzerland. We are finishing the holiday in italy. Sounds like everyone does the same thing! Ha. The choices really are endless over there though.

          • We’re taking the train Switzerland <-> Italy too, so I think you’re right. 🙂 Have you had your wedding yet?

    • Where are all y’all mooning in particular? Going back a little while now, but we enjoyed a couple of weeks in Italy. Bit different to the usual tropical holiday/honeymoon.

  • Am I the only one that finds these to be outrageously boring? Like, I’d prefer to sit in a board meeting writing minutes boring.

    Regardless, a pip boy as an included thinger ugh. i can already see the conversation with a friend now-

    “what is it? What does is it do?”

    “uh.. not much. Fits on your arm, lights up.. has some sounds.”

    “Oh … like a Reject Shop toy?”

    • Get out your birthday is on the same day as mine!

      Needed a ‘birthday is in November game and I don’t really want CoD’ game and I’m so happy it’s Fallout! Gimme my Pipboy!

    • Going to have to wait a few weeks before I can afford to preorder it 🙁 Kind of abused my credit card last month

    • I don’t know… I just don’t know. Game will be $70 when it comes out. So that’s $110 for what is essentially a plastic toy for your wrist?

      • Well you do get these:

        Wearable Pip-Boy
        Pip-Boy pocket guide
        Vault-tec perk poster
        Robco Industries Stand
        Capsule Case
        Game & Collectible metal case

        $110 for everything except game. Pretty sure you can just sell the rest of the stuff for at least $190 except the game on ebay 😛

        • I guess you’re right, but not sure the hassle is worth it. Rather fork out $69 at DSE/BigW and be done with it.

    • thing i want to know is if it will fit an Iphone 6+ because that what i use. though ill say this i look forward to all the weird looks ill get walking around with it on my arm

  • Man, I’m playing the fallout shelter and I think I want an ipad just for it 😛 I’d rather on PC, but it probably wont come to PC.

    • With any luck Windows 10 and Microsoft’s big piles of cash will solve that problem for you.

  • I thought Doom looked good. The simple fact you could see anything is a big improvement over Doom 3

  • Sony? Nintendo? Microsoft?

    Bethesda just dropped the mic and rode out on a f***ing Cacodemon while launching a Fatman at the big three…

    I’d say they win.

    • definately! though get ready for the NEWS beat up about how violent DOOM is already seen one story about it, though to be fair the article only feature Feminist Frequencey as the only one going about how bad the violence was.

      http://www.skynews.com.au/business/tech/2015/06/15/doom-game-returns-with-extreme-violence.html.. yes yes its from skynews and i know allure has a massive hateboner for News corp.. dispite the fact that news corp has the smallest share in Sky News Australia with the rest between 9 and 7

      And i just want to point out that this is why i fucking hate twitter because news site take twitter users so fucking seriously.

  • Fallout shelter is amazing!!! My shelter is packed with pregnant women…. Not sure how that happened….

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