Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft's E3 Conference

You've just woken up, there's a deluge of videos, news and opinions darting around the web. Want a quick and easy look at what you missed while you were sleeping? Look no further. This is everything you need to know about Microsoft's E3 conference.


Microsoft's E3 Conference: A Series Of Bangs That Ended With A Fizzle

Microsoft E3 Conference Liveblog: Halo 5 Better Be GOOD

The Games

An Extended Look At The Halo 5 Campaign

Ashen Sure Looks Pretty.

Microsoft Announces Recore, From The Makers Of Metroid Prime

Rare Is Making A Pirate Game, And It Looks Rad

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Has Some Serious Next-Gen Ice

Gears Of War 4 Announced For Holiday 2016

Microsoft's Holographic Minecraft Demo Is Stunning

The Rare Collection Is Now Official

The Announcements

Xbox One Gets Backwards Compatibility; Microsoft Takes Shots At Sony

Dark Souls 3 Officially Announced

Fallout 4 On Xbox One Will Have Mods

Xbox One Is Getting Early Access


    More importantly, they are currently talking mod kit for fallout 4.

    Hololens = extremely cool. will it ever be out just like that? doubtful.
    PC mods to XB1 = great idea
    Backwards compat = ....does anyone really care about this anymore? personally, ive moved on.

    All in all, nothing here really thrilled me. Was all a bit "meh" for me.

      I kind of agree with you on backwards compatibility - the time I care most about that is probably the first year or so of a console's lifespan when good games are a bit thin on the ground. 2 years in I'm probably not that interested in playing the old games a whole lot. However, that said - they're not charging anything for this backwards compatibility, so why not? If you want to play the old 360 games and don't have a 360 then this is a good option. Certainly better than Sony's streaming option, although I think Sony's end goal there isn't backwards compatibility but rather getting their games onto other devices e.g. smart TVs without needing a console.

      Hololens... like others have mentioned, it reminds me of Kinect. Cool tech, but questionable in terms of its usefulness for gaming. While it seems well suited to something like Minecraft (which isn't something I've ever been that interested in), I'm not sure how well it would apply to more traditional games. I certainly won't be getting up and walking around a table like that guy was - my lounge room is pretty squeezy :P

      I would have prefered it to be there back when there wasn't much to play on the new consoles, and the compatibility list is a bit slim, but overall I'll take it. I've got quite a big digital XBOX 360 library thanks to Games with Gold as well as a physical library. Seems like their initial compatibility list is heavy on the XBLA games but they've got Fable 2 which is enough to make the feature worthwhile.

    gunna be interesting to see how many modders will allow their work to go onto the xbone and PC. as it is now there are modders who refuse to put their mods up on steams workshop or the nexus for that matter

    Apart from the odd shot at Sony (“We won’t charge you to play the games you already own.”) This whole conference seems to be aimed at competing with Steam, rather than Playstation. That's an interesting tact, and could have huge implications for the future of the XBox brand.

      I don’t think the shot a Sony was odd at all.

      Sony very vocally stomped MS for being “always online” and pretended to be pro-consumer at E3 2013.

      Then they turn around and tell their customers, who’ve already purchased expensive PS4 hardware, that they’re going to cloud stream games that they already owned back to them and charge them against the clock to do it. This is despite the fact that streaming on 2015 internet is never going to provide an experience that’s close to par with what their old hardware can do.

      As far as transparent screwing over of the customer goes, the PS Now “service” is as blatant as anything even EA have ever done. There’s absolutely zero justification for choosing that solution to providing BC on the PS4, they chose a substandard option so they could squeeze every cent out of their most loyal customers (those who have PS4’s and older consoles).

      If MS is going to go to the effort of individually emulating titles from the 360 library for free, then good for them (and their customers). They deserve a free kick in this case.

        To be fair they're also the only ones offering cross-buy right now. I always find the PSN oddly behind the times but they friggin' nailed that feature.

          Damn straight! Cross buy is awesome and Sony deserve credit for that.

          I don't how they'd do it but imagine if MS signed a Xbone/ Steam cross-buy deal? That'd be nuts.
          There aren't really too many options for MS given they don't have a handheld market.

          Nintendo are too stupid to develop a serviceable friends list, let alone a cross-buy system that would be common sense for DS/3DS/Wii/WiiU owners. They get a pass because I don't expect anything better from them.

        I didn't mean the shot was odd, I meant "apart from the occasional shot". Bad wording on my part, sorry.

      Meh, the two will always be like that. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony try and do the same thing at their keynote today.

    YEESSSS backwards compatibility :)

      Why are people still wanting this? I got this gen to play this gen games. Not last gen games.

        I have 4 kids that will definitely make use of this on a daily basis.

        It's not like you have to pay for it, don't want it don't use it.

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