Everything You Need To See From Sony’s E3 Conference

Everything You Need To See From Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony did well. They did really well it seems. In fact, it was a conference that seemed unbound by the concepts of goddamn reality. Here are all the trailers, announcements and general things you need to know/see.


Sony’s E3 Conference Was Almost Like Fan Fiction

The Games

Uncharted 4’s E3 Demo Was Incredible

The Last Guardian Is Back

Sony Announces Robot Dinosaur Game For PS4

New PS4 Game Lets You Build… Dreams?

Square Enix Announces New Hitman

The Announcements

Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Street Fighter V Is Getting A PlayStation 4 Beta

Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter


    • It was mentioned for a whole 2 minutes I believe… looking like a late 2016 release (or never if Oculus and Vive fails)

    • I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you can really do justice in a presentation like that. People really need to get the thing stuck on their heads and try it in person to be able to get a feel for what it’s like. If you’re looking at it up on a screen then it’s just a bog-standard first person game without the immersion that VR gives. I’m sure there will be a lot more Morpheus out on the actual show floor.

    • Sony have a history of trying to feature match only to end up holding tech they don’t have any interest in or purpose for later down the track. As much as I’d like to get my hands on one I think Morpheus has fallen into that category. There’s been no progress towards making playing a game with a Rift/Morpheus headset any closer to actual VR and it’s making it really hard to get up on stage and do a presentation that has more substance than just pandering to guys like me who’ll buy it because gadgets are cool.
      I think when they set out with Morpheus they thought six months later consoles would be living and dying on their VR tech, but that just never came. It’s like they thought everyone had a major breakthrough around the corner they were playing super close to their chest, and that this E3 would just be wall to wall VR games the PS4 couldn’t even comprehend unless they jumped right on it.

  • Morpheous was on after FF7 from memory so it was really an after thought to a few i think. That Rigs (?) looks kind of cool.

  • Hitman looks epic as usual, Horizon looks like a brilliant and fun new piece of IP, TLG FINALLY, but no date on No Man’s Sky 🙁

    Other than that I think the one game that really has me excited (though it’s miles off) is Ghost Recon: Wildlands! Just wow!!

    Also looking forward to the new NFS (feels like there’s a lot of homage paid to U and U2), Battlefront (who isn’t) and Unravel, because it looks gorgeous!

  • I’m looking forward to next year when they announce they’re working on Half Life 3.

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