Fallout 3 Vs Fallout 4, In Screenshots

Fallout 3 vs Fallout 4, In Screenshots

There are enough screenshots of Fallout 4 out there in the wild now that Nukeclears was able to get a bunch of them and compare them to similar shots from Fallout 3.

They're not exact comparisons, but they're pretty close. Close enough for you to nod your head, remember Fallout 3 came out in 2008, and think "yup this looks about right".

Fallout 3 is on the left, Fallout 4 on the right. To engage the magic sliders, click on the white arrows and drag.


    I'm gonna miss that green/yellow tint. Theres a mod I've been playing around with in fallout3 which removes the green tint and while it does look nicer without it, it does loose a bit of it's post apocalyptic feel.

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      Was thinking the same thing.

      First mod for the console version...
      'Enable Apocalypticcy colour'

      Yeah I can almost guarantee there will be several mods for that. I personally like the new look.

    Yay sliders! God, look at the damn dog. I love him already. I like that this world has colour and heart. I have a feeling there'll still be some dark grimy places about though.

    Dynamic shadows just make things look a hell of a lot nicer. One thing that often annoyed me in Oblivion and FO3 was the lack of shadows, not even any mods for dynamic shadows. I could (and have ) mod the heck out of FO3 and NV but FO4 is looking so much nicer.

    By the by, a note on Fallout 3 modding, don't even bother if you're trying to change something graphically, the game just crashes every few mins no matter how awesome your rig is.

      Watch youtube videos by Gopher on how to mod it. I've modded Fallout 3 graphically a few times and run into minimal problems, more caused by my PC chucking a hissy fit. I'd say it's a problem with load order or mods conflicting with each other if you're experiencing crashing

    I don't think that Fallout 3 looks that terrible. Yeah low res textures and everything, but there's still a great amount of detail in the game. Fallout 4 is a massive upgrade on that though

      I think Fallout 3 is one of the ugliest triple A games I have ever played. I thought that even at launch. Fallout 4 is a big upgrade but when the starting point was so low, it ends up "being next-gen passable" rather than conveying any sort of wow factor that we should be seeing at this point in the consoles' life cycles.

      Sorry, not trying to be difficult / confrontational, I just very much disagree.

    I honestly am glad the green/yellow filter is gone. Why does every apocalyptic everything need to be green scaled?

      why do games need these types of fliters in the first place, 9 times out 10 a game looks way better when the fliter is removed such as fallout 3, New Vegas and Battlefield

    Words I never thought I'd say:
    'I want that Fat Man'.

    One Generation in Video Games is like 3 generations or more in any other industry.

    Fallout 4 will consume me, this I know. Town building, gear customising, the fact that it's a new Fallout game. It'll probably take me a day to do the facial customisation.

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