Fallout 4's Character Creation Will Test Marriages


    Two characters to make at the same time. Put on the fucking coffee, this is going to be an all nighter at least.

      Or just a constant "I've played for 3 hours now and something about the cheeks just isn't right. Restart!"

        Always happens as soon as you get past the intro and into the main game. "The lighting is different my character looks awful aaaaargh!". I remember my Commander Shepard was permanently so very white because of the difference in lighting levels in the creator and the main game, it was so annoying.

          I restarted ME 1 & 2 so many times because of that! Really be good if they let you do it whenever, would've saved sooo much backtracking!

    "Hi Honey, how is your new Fallout game?"
    "Nice, I guess."
    "Guess? You've been hyped for this for months! You've been playing for four days straight! Why isn't it any good?"
    "Oh, it probably is. I'm still making the main characters."

      You should sell this to Bethesda for their advertising - maybe in return for the ilimited edition.

      And this is the way it will test real-life marriages.

      Your significant other knows what Fallout is?

      You lucky bastard.

        Please, my mother knows what fallout is. Mind you all she says is "are you playing that damn game again?"

        yours don't?
        poor you.

          Actually, the way I've been fanboying around the house and posting on Facebook, she probably knows more about Fallout 4 than I do now.

      This is much closer to the truth than I am comfortable with.

      The worst part is going to be going online and seeing everyone else's amazing characters who look so much better than my best effort, and having to restart the game again and again trying to create something pretty.

      Hell, character-face paralysis is bad enough even when you're given relatively limited options... I'll restart a game if I decide I'd rather play a brunette than a redhead! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COPE WITH THIS?!

      They better have options that allow you to use numbered sliders so I can look up 'pretty' face-codes online.

    Im more excited about the hideous child that is generated from when I am done creating some monstrosities

    CAD also did one: http://cdn2.cad-comic.com/comics/cad-20150619-6f83e.png

    You know what I'm going to do, just to be different? I'm going to mash "Randomize" until I get something half-decent and just PLAY THE DAME GAME! It's mostly a first-person game anyway.

      I kinda do this. I hit random until I see something I like & then tweek.

      Mind you, tweeking can & of does end up being a complete overhaul

    That is by far my most FAVORITE gif I found on Tumblr!

    I feel like it would test a real relationship in that my boyfriend might start to feel inadequate as he watches me create my perfect dream man in the mirror.
    If I had one.
    Which I don't...
    Still though.

    I hope they finally introduce beards with nvidia hairworks/amd tressfx

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