Fallout 4's Dogmeat Cannot Die

Fallout 4's Dogmeat Cannot Die

Save your tissues for another game.

Dogmeat, your trusty wasteland companion, was an emotional rollercoaster in Fallout 3. While he was a big help, not to mention a trusty companion, he could die! The pain! The anguish!

Fallout 4's pooch won't have the same vulnerability.

That's not to say you get off scott free! He might take damage and faint, ala Pokemon. Or he might limp off and have to be recovered somewhere, ala the "puppies" feature in the higher levels of Fallout 3.

Or, he might leave you! Find a better man/woman/wasteland and break your heart. But that's a pain less finite, and more manageable, than Fallout 3's mortal consequences.


    This one of those games that can be modded?

      Yes, they also said they plan for mods on PS4/Xbox one. I'm not sure if they explained how that'll work exactly though

        Bethesda is going to have their own mod website. Probably will be something like steam where you can subscribe to add mod and it will download and apply itself.

    I like the idea of the immortal dog, coz dogs dying is sad.

    But making regular companions immortal is dumb. Just engage in combat with something, hide and the companion will just keep going until baddie is dead?

      I think one of the reasons for the immortal companions in Bethesda's games is because they so often die due to dumb AI/glitches, and it feels unfair to punish the player for the game's dumb decisions.

      Simple way for that to work is make the companion 'lose consciousness' or something after taking so much damage, and he recovers once the baddies are dead and you revive him.

        Reminds me of Mass Effect team members, getting insta-killed on higher difficulties right after I revived them haha

    Yeah, wouldn't want to make tearing your heart out hurt less when they kill the dog at the most heartbreaking time and way possible in the story...

    So now the question is can I tie explosives to the dog and have them wander into a group of enemies before triggering the bombs? Will it still love me afterwards?

      Yes, it will. A dog's love is unconditional.

    Obviously there's going to be cutscenes that he needs to be in throughout the game... and other interactivity that relies on the dog not being dead..

    Shrug. Since nudity is out, it would've been the top-ranking mod if they didn't make it a default anyway.

    I was wondering how they were going to do this when they first showed off the coded-in ability to issue the dog commands and stuff. Way too big a gameplay feature to lose access to entirely.

      What if somebody creates a mod that allows you to shave the dog? Would that count as nudity?

        I feel woefully unqualified to answer this. Do we have any dog-porn experts in the audience?

      how would you feel about mods that introduced hyper realistic clothes that just happen to look like a naked body?

        Oh hey, I'm on-board with the nuddy-nud, but the console mods won't be.

    I never managed to get the dog killed in Fallout 3. In fact, he seemed to be a lot more resilient than my character in combat. It felt kind of ridiculous at times.

    Well he couldn't die in New Vegas either, provided you weren't playing on hardcore.

    reminds me of fable 2, there was no way in hell i was sacrificing my dog

    The immortal dog returns! Honestly I tried playing Skyrim/Fallout3 with NPC companion death mods. The AI is just not robust enough to survive, almost every encounter had them rushing into certain death!

    I remember dogmeat. In Fallout I went to the cathedral and somehow he went to a part of the map I couldnt access, behind a window. He vanished after that.

    I must say he does look way too happy a dog to just die

    I ended up leaving dogmeat at home just in case... now he can wonder the wasteland with me

    Once again dumbing down the game experience to appease the casual audience, having the risk of companions dying is part of the experience think of the movie I Am Legend when will smith looses his trusty companion it adds to the emotional survival experience in a hostile wasteland scenario do I risk my companion or not, I don't mind having to reload a save if I truly want to keep them. At least make it a settings option or difficulty aka 'Hardcore' that pleases everyone seems simple enough, Only vital plot/otherwise game breaking chars should be immortal. p.s maybe the game could take note of a companion like Dogmeat dying a la Witcher 3 if you grow your beard it will be mentioned in conversations.

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