Fans Are ‘Fixing’ The New Doom’s Colours, Speed

Fans Are ‘Fixing’ The New Doom’s Colours, Speed

The new Doom looks like a cartoonishly over-the-top romp through gore hell, land of infinite sorrow (and gore). But I don’t know. It kinda feels like something’s missing.

Some players have taken to imagining what the long-in-development Doom reboot would be like if it stuck a little closer to its roots. Linkzaki sped it up to an old-school-friendly ludicrous pace and dropped in some recognisable sound effects. Have to admit, I’m kind of into it:

Meanwhile, people like developer Nathan Ranney have tried giving it visual makeover, adding in a few more colours of the grey-nbow:

Again, I can’t help but kind of dig it. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for classic series going in new directions, but I miss classic Doom‘s relentless pace and sinister atmosphere. It sounds like a lot of fans feel the same way. Oh well, I suppose there’s always Doom 4‘s obvious inspiration, Brutal Doom, which is basically Doom 4, except Doomier.


    • Funnily enough it’s the opposite. People complained Diablo was too colourful, whereas now it’s not colourful enough.

      Personally I’m digging the edited version. Asside from being much clearer to see terain and demons, it is nice to see the old guys looking spiffy.

  • Are we gonna piss and moan over rainbows and unicorns too? Like @neo_kaiser said, this is the Diablo 3 bullshit all over again.

    • Ever notice how hypocritical people are when it comes to artistic expression and censorship? People cried about the artist not wanting the Batgirl cover to be released, yet they’ll demand an entire company change out their art style.

      • though i did upvote all 3 posts, i do think the retouched screen shot looks better due to the removal of the brown filter and the increased red and purple on the cacodemons

        • Theoretically it looks better, but we’ve still got around a year til the game comes out. I think it’s best to hold off crucifying the game (not you, the media in general) until it comes out, then people can bitch or mod to their hearts content over a finished product.

    • Yes, Mein Leben nazi gold – this will be a mod for sure.
      As well as options to disable melee & weapon pickup animations.
      They’re fun once, but just slow down the runnin’ & gunnin’.

  • That music brings back so many memotes! This and fallout 4 were my highlights…

  • The retouched screenshots look better, if mod tools are released there will be a texture pack within the first couple of days.

    I rewatched the video, with sound this time, damn i absolutely hate the sound of the original plasma rifle. People have to stop living in the past, if they want the original Doom then go play it. A reboot (as this is) is harks back to the original source but embraces newer game mechanics.

    I would wait until QuakeCon when we should see actual gameplay and not scripted gameplay the original reveal was.

  • gotta say the super shotgun sound and plasma gun sound just goes better with the new version. also i like the movement speed, though it doesnt look that much faster than the base trailer

  • I would LOVE if they had a ‘nostalgia mode’ as part of the final game. New immersiveness, sounds, sexy graphics etc aside, who wouldn’t love a little not to the days gone by that just slaps the colours in the screenshot above in with the classic music and dodgy 16bit sounds from the old games.

    Actually this needs to be an option for ALL modern reboots of classic games…

  • Yeah, this video is much closer to what I wanted out of Doom 4.
    If anything, it at least highlights how IMPORTANT the music was! I don’t know what they were thinking with Doom 4, but hopefully they figure it out before release.

    • I wouldnt write it off completely. But yeah, I was so gettting more of the Doom vibe from the edited video than the actual trailer.

  • We want a new Doom! We want it just like the old one!

    WTF? This is just like the old Doom! We want a new Doom!

  • Doom is not that fast. I like new tralier. This speed up footage with old sound and music is bad.
    If i want to play old Doom i will play old Doom.

    • Yeah, was going “I dont remember the imps moving around that fast. Or generally everything going that fast. Shotgun pumps felt slow in Doom

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