Fans Think Upcoming Zelda 3DS Game Has A Playable Female Link

Fans Think Upcoming Zelda 3DS Game Has A Playable Female Link

Earlier today, a trailer leaked for the upcoming 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors, an action game that originally released on the Wii U. Within this trailer, there’s an easily-missed moment that teases something pretty damn cool.

Some background: Last year, we reported on a page from the Hyrule Warriors art book that depicted “Linkle,” a female version of Link that never made it into the actual game. She looks like this:

Picture: nintendokyo

One of Linkle’s defining characteristics here is her usage of the crossbow. Nobody else uses this crossbow inside of Hyrule Warriorshere’s a list of every weapon available in the original game. No crossbow, as you can see.

Now, take a look at this still from the trailer:

GameXplain got a tip pointing this detail out, and now fans are theorizing that perhaps this is a teaser for Linkle. Otherwise, why include something so random? There are no other errant floating weapons in the footage, and any weapon that is included can be traced to a specific character. Save for the crossbow. Weird, huh?

In a game where a good chunk of the cast is female, including a playable female Link doesn’t seem that outlandish. Plus, a female Link would give people plenty of reason to pick the new game up.

Obviously, a tiny detail like a crossbow in a trailer is not definitive proof of anything — so take this supposed tease with a grain of salt. Personally, I’m crossing my fingers — Linkle would be a pretty damn cool inclusion in any Zelda game, and fans have been clamoring for a girl Link for ages.


    • Have you played Hyrule Warriors? It’s all about different periods in the Zelda universe clashing together, so it’s not unreasonable that one of many Links in the Link bloodline pops up in the game and is female.

      If that’s still not a reasonable enough explanation, I think I remember reading somewhere when the concept art for Linkle was first found, that it’s Link’s sister.

      • I have and it makes just as much sense for an alternate world where the Hero of Time was an actual Child of the Forest, not just living with them. Hence, Saria.

        Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome if it was a female link but Saria didn’t show up anywhere in Hyrule Warriors, so that was my first thought.

  • I think it’s only a matter of time until they decide to do a gender swap on the cast and we will be playing a zelda game as a female link, fighting a female ganondorf to save prince zelda. And I think that would be awesome.

  • I’m really looking forward to this 3DS version but I hope the female Link thing isn’t real and it’s just a weapon for Link or a completely new character because I never got why people are so keen to genderswap.
    make another awesome completely new female character rather than just changing a male one.
    there’d most likely be protest if they made a Prince Zelda character.
    I’m fine with the people supporting this even if it’s not to my tastes, it just bothers me when people are hypocritical and won’t be able to handle it the other way around.
    (realise how weird this is worded, I’m tired and still and waking up)
    This is all just my opinion though, feel free to make an argument, I’d like to hear others thoughts on this, I know one person’s opinion doesn’t make it a fact.

    • hmm, if they end up doing it what could actually work is it’s some girl who knows about the legend and is inspired by it to be a hero herself by copying what she knows of the legend. that might be an idea.

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