Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Eighteen years and three PlayStations later, Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. A real one. For PlayStation 4.

Square Enix announced the news during Sony's press conference at E3 tonight, following a day full of rumours. "Play it first on PlayStation," read the trailer, implying that it will be out for PC and Xbox One too.


    ugh really square enix... console exclusive.

      Last sentence: “Play it first on PlayStation,” read the trailer, implying that it will be out for PC and Xbox One too.

      Let's be honest here, people buy Xboxes to shoot things, not play Final Fantasy.

        i don't buy consoles at all but would appreciate a PC version :)

    Imagine the monstrosity they could create if they used the combat system for FF14 in the remake :P

      You mean FF15...?
      FF14 has a pretty darn good battle system, in an MMO kind of way.

        Sorry yes FF15.

        I hated cycling between paradigms in order to win battles. Felt like you had limited control over what was happening.

        Just got FF14 on the brain leading up to Heavensward! :)

    "Sir, the stable-boy says FF7's carcass started twitching and making agonised moans."
    "So? Grab a riding crop, go down there, and thrash out another remake!"

    I must have smacked my head and imagined the older games in the series, since Square says they don't exist.

    I know the trailer says remake but everything about the trailer implied sequel to me. No Aeris, references to Edge city, talking about the events of FF7 in the past tense.

    Is it all supposed to just be a meta-commentary on how long we've waited for the remake?

      Aeris is there. I'm pretty sure you can see her shoe, in the scene with the flower on the wet ground

    Good grief, and this the same day Shenmue III gets a kickstarter. What next, is Valve going to announce Half-Life 3?

    Nah, let's not start to be ridiculous.

    It's no way going to be the same game. Especially if they're planning on having it be rated T for teens. Stuff like Don Corneo's antics and Honey Bee Inn, Barret and Cid's fowl language, may not be in this version, hell, Cid probably won't be a smoker!

    Still this needed to happen, the "pointy bits" or polygons are so damn ugly. Looking forward to not having Cid's hair color change between blonde and gray, smashing Shinra soldiers with barrels at the church, seeing Red XIII in a sailor outfit, and other priceless moments with the improved graphics!

    I'll be happy owning the remake and my original copy. :)

    They didn't announce a new FFVII... They just showed the same demo trailer they showed last year to showcase what they can do on the PS4 and said more details to come in December... Big difference. It's okay to be excited about these teasers, but keep things in perspective.

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