First Look At Re-Mastered Resident Evil Zero In Action


    The graphics look the same as the original GameCube version....

    Dear Capcom, instead of milking your good Resident Evil games, how about making a new one that isn't shit.
    Sincerely, RE fan.

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      This is actually awesome... not everyone was on the Nintendo train to experience the REmake and Zero. I loved RE1-3 and CV(on Dreamcast), and being a fan I went and bought the REmake/Zero Wii games later even though I don't own a Wii. I looked into emulators to play those, and although I set it up, I never got around to actually doing it. REmake looks gorgeous, and even more so with the remaster... and with Capcom struggling financially, it's a good move indeed. Capcom also did a brilliant job on Revelations, and I presume Revelations 2(bought it but haven't had real time to play it). If you think about it, the only way you're going to see a Resident Evil 2 REmake or anything of similar quality is if you speak with your $ and/or be vocal to them. Like if they're turning a tidy profit from these games, it's encouragement to do more... although I guess we'd probably see Umbrella Chronicles or something before an entirely new game.

      Also this article should be NSFW; that clip is looking so sexy.

      I think they're beyond a good main series classic Resident Evil game at this point. I mean the lore is so bloated that it doesn't really fit with a traditional survival horror game anymore. Now everyone in the Resident Evil world know what bioweapons are and there are organisations specifically set up to fight them. It makes it really hard to do something like RE1-3. Modern Chris and Jill don't get trapped in mansions wondering what's going on anymore.
      The mystery always has to be a simple whodunnit in modern RE games rather than something like RE2 where you wonder how the dead could come back to life, who would do it, how did they do it, why did they do it? There's just not that much interesting subject matter or secrets to cover anymore.
      Honestly if they went back to classic Resident Evil games I'd rather they cut all ties with the franchise and made something like Dead Space. The only other alternative seems like a reboot and I'd rather remasters.
      That said, Revelations 2 was pretty sweet if you don't mind that it's not quite survival horror. It's a really solid game about shooting monsters on a crazy island.

    I have yet to play this game so I'm definitely interested. Though why they never did a HD version of RE2 is beyond me - I still regard it as the best one.

    Would be nice if they release this on stream like they did with the first one in HD. A bit sad they will never release resident evil 2 again but I guess story wise like some people say, not so rich anymore.

    I meant on steam, stupid phone

    Sadly, as high of a demand as there is for a RE2 re-MAKE, I GUARANTEE you.... ALL capcom is going to do is reMASTER the currently existing RE2 psx version in 720 - 1080p, which isnt a true remake. Total bullshit capcom is notorious for. Upscale a game and rerelease it.

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