Four Hours Of Final Fantasy VII Remake Reactions

Four Hours of Final Fantasy VII Remake Reactions

Video: Do you have plans for the day? How about clearing your schedule so you can watch people's Final Fantasy VII remake reactions?

Four hours. That's right. Four. Hours.


    Reaction videos are terrible. Unless it's VR, then they're hilarious.

      How do people even continue to make these - IT shows how entitled everyone thinks they are that their opinion actually means something to the general public, but really im far too interested in people around me's opinions... Tangible opinions from people I know and respect...

    I've never understood the hype that makes people jump around, scream with delight, or even cry. Unless, it was to celebrate winning the lottery after poverty, or defeating a life-threatening disease.

      when you're paid to over act ot merely to keep your sub fan base thinking you care you'll do anything they tell you/expect you to.

      As a fan of the original my reaction was hmph ok cool. These idiots are just appealing to other idiots.

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      In all seriousness, the reveal of Cloud along with the intro riff in the trailer makes my eyes well every time without fail. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

    With that out of the way I spent some time looking at videos shared at the time. Got a few laughs. It's always fun to watch people being so enthusiastic.

    Who in their right mind would sit through 4 hours of this? Let alone 30 seconds.

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