GOG.com Is Having A Big Sale. Old Games And New Games Included.

It seems like there's always a digital sale going on somewhere — on Steam on the Humble Store — but the good thing about sales on GOG.com is that really old games can often be involved. Where else could you get Red Faction and the original Splinter Cell for $3.29?

So yeah, what I'm saying is this: GOG.com is having one of those Summer Sale things. Winter for us, but you know what I mean.

New games are also involved. It doesn't get much fresher than The Witcher 3 and that's 10% off.

But perhaps the best deal is the one on Telltale's reinvention of Sam and Max — three full games for $12.97. Pretty decent considering the full price is over $124.

That being said, I can't imagine anyone loving Sam and Max to the point where they would pay $124 for it. But sure...

Outside of those examples? Some of the usual sale suspects are involved. If you don't have Mark of the Ninja, you should totally pick it up for %5.89 because it's awesome.


    Not sure why it's hard to believe that people would spend $124 for Sam and Max. Sam and Max are great. Telltale's interpretation of them is less great, but $41 is not exactly an unreasonable amount to pay for a full game.

    I may just be being defensive.

    Technically my son is named after Sam from Sam & Max (my wife denies this... but it is true).

    Is this a continuation of the sale that started on thursday, or is a new one?

      continuation - they rotate daily deals and bump the previous dailies to the bottom of the page - I've done rather nicely this round and got a lot of my wishlisted items like the Cannon Fodder and Crusader games and Worms United for $2 apiece (and would have got a lot more too if I didn't get them in previous sales :p)

    they kind of have a sale every week. Saturday morning I always spring out of bed to go see what is for sale. Best day of the week.

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