Going Pay-To-Play Was Very Good To LEGO Minifigures Online

What a difference getting rid of microtransactions and adding a price tag makes.

I’ve been playing Funcom’s LEGO Minifigures Online for ages now, digging its simplified, child-friendly take on Diablo starring LEGO’s little plastic collectible pals. I’ve enjoyed purchasing real-world minifigure packs and using the codes to unlock characters in game, each with their own unique power. What I haven’t really enjoyed is the constant gnawing feeling that I’m not getting the most from the game unless I drop some real-world cash on random virtual toys.

Well now that’s gone. No more pay-per-virtual-packet. The game is now $US29.99 for PC, Mac and Linux (Android and iOS versions are also available with different pricing schemes), and that’s pretty much it. Minifigures are now guaranteed dungeon rewards rather than a slim-to-none chance. Cutscenes are fully-voiced. Everything feels more polished. That’s the difference pay-to-play makes.

Anyone else feel like buying a fire truck LEGO set?


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