Grand Theft Auto New Zealand Is A Thing That Exists, Bro

Of all the mods I can imagine existing. This is the one I never imagined, but somehow still appreciate.

Ladies and gentlemen Grand Theft Auto New Zealand is a thing.

It's being built by modder Dre Hema-Kani, who hasn't made the mod public yet, but plans to at some point in the future.

"I made different trucks and trailers that represent the companies from around here," he told The Creators Project. "Pak 'n Save, Supercheap Auto, mainly New Zealand companies, but I’ve got bigger brands that you usually see driving around a New Zealand city. Because GTAV has gangs, I made the gangs New Zealand. I’m working on changing the emergency departments to New Zealand ones. I’ve done an Air New Zealand jet, so when I do my first upload that will be on there."

One can only hope that, when you hit five stars, these awesome, super friendly New Zealand cops come after you and politely ask you to pull over.

Make it happen.

Step Inside Grand Theft Auto New Zealand [The Creators Project]


    Looks excellent. But it won't be a true NZ experience driving on the wrong side of the road.

      Exactly what I was wondering. How difficult (I expect "prohibitively") it would be to swap the model placements and driving directions on all the AI. ... Unless you just did some kind of fancy mirror mode that swapped everything ... and then made all the textures mirrored too so text would display correctly... .... hmmm....

        not to mention the cars would need to be RHS drive as well

        just mirror your monitor output in the driver config. then invert the steering controls in settings

          But wouldn't that (mirror your monitor output) have all the street signs / billboards etc be backwards?

            Yes my reply was more of a follow up to yours, where you would indeed need to mirror all the textures. But it would be a way to mirror the game world without having to hack the engine to do so.

              Ahhh, that makes more sense then. At least it moves it from "prohibitively" difficult to "moderately" (you'd think).

    If I'm not getting called bru at every possible moment then 0/10.

    Someone already attempted this back in 2008 with either Vice City or San Andreas. Though the police were investigating if they could charge the guy under the Police Act for using the New Zealand Police uniform and car livery. There was no follow up to the story, so I don't know the outcome.

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