GTA Truck Pulls Off Crazy Stunt, Sticks Landing

GTA Truck Pulls Off Crazy Stunt, Sticks Landing

I've seen my share of fancy sports cars making ridiculous flips in GTA V. But I've never seen anything like this.

The video above showcases a fantastic stunt jump performed by BlackSmoke Billy. Essentially, the semi grabs some air, the trailer unit detaches from the cargo and makes a front flip on its own, lands, and then has the cargo reattach on the ground as if its no big deal. I think the pedestrian in the video here sums it up pretty nicely: "OH SHIT!"

This isn't an isolated trick. BlackSmoke Billy seems fond of stunts with unusual cars — here is a semi-truck front flip:

A dump truck corkscrew:

A semi truck corkscrew:

And the most badass way to attach to a trailer (on the ground):

God damn. Nice work, BlackSmoke Billy.

(Via Jalopnik)


    Should have gone to a manual to carry on the combo!

    Wy bother playing the video when the gif shows it all? Nice way to deprive the contributor of youtube views.... stay classy craptaku.

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