He-Man And G.I. Joe In One Game? Sold

He-Man And G.I. Joe In One Game? Sold

Today Ubisoft revealed that its upcoming toy battler Toy Soldiers: War Chest includes includes the armies of He-Man, G.I. Joe and two other unannounced licensed properties. Their marketing team’s job is done.

Announced last November, Signal Studios’ character-driven action strategy game won’t be out until later this summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but they have already made at least one sale. I mean, the idea of pitting German soldiers against generic rainbow unicorns was intriguing enough, but this? This is 11-year-old Fahey’s bedroom floor the video game.

And there are two more armies left to reveal? Could it be Autobots and Decepticons, or would they lump all of the Transformers together and pair them with Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light? So many possibilities.


  • By the power of grayskull!

    Plenty of other 80’s cartoon franchises they could use, M.A.S.K. for example.

  • Please let one of the others be Dino Riders.
    Please please please.

    He-Man riding a T-Rex armed with missiles into battle against Nazi’s riding Velociraptors (ok Deinonychus’ if you want to be technically correct) armed with lasers on their heads.

    …I spend too much time in my own imagination. But that would be cool, right?

    • Please let one of the others be Dino Riders.

      Heh, I found a bum bag full of monsters in my pocket and m.u.s.c.l.e. guys recently that I have had in a box for years, gave it to my kids, but there was (I think) a Dino Rider in there – I had forgotten about these guys, made me immediately want to watch an episode or get on ebay and buy a dinosaur with lasers strapper to it’s head or something.

  • Upcoming toy battler filled me with Dread I thought this was another Skylanders type of game.

    That I only need to buy the game and not a ton of action figures is a good selling point.

  • Star Bright… looks like they failed to get the Rainbow Bright license but went with it anyway.
    He-Man & G.I. Joe… SOLD! Take my money! Even if the current voice acting sounds like shit, it’s still He-Man & G.I. joe!

    As for the unannounced… Please for the love of all that is awesome… Dino Riders!

  • They need to get their foot off the blasted samoflange and throw some Thundercats in there! Thundercats…hooooooooooo!!

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