Hearthstone Players Aren't Pleased About Expensive New Skin

Yesterday, Blizzard finally announced plans to add a new hero to Hearthstone: the dwarf king Magni Bronzebeard. Except, well, Magni isn't actually a new hero. He's a new portrait.

Yep, for the hefty price of $US10, players of Blizzard's stellar digital card game can replace the current warrior portrait (Garrosh Hellscream) with Magni, in all of his dwarven glory. He's got unique emotes and animations befitting his character, and if you dish out the cash for him, you'll also get a new set of card backs. In other words, you're paying $US10 for a new set of aesthetics.

Your initial reaction might be something like "holy crap that's expensive!" You would not be alone. Many Hearthstone fans have taken to forums over the past day to complain not about the hero's existence, but about what seems like an insulting price for a set of animations. Others have pointed out how frustrating it's been to see Blizzard implement items like this while ignoring some of the most-requested Hearthstone features, like more deck slots.

In popular team-based free-to-play games, like League of Legends, buying the best and most expensive skins has become something of a meta-game, where owning high-priced cosmetics is a sign that you're a serious, hardcore, good player. But in Hearthstone, where every game is one-on-one and there's no need to convince anyone that you've got skill, an overpriced skin like this seems way easier to ignore.

Meanwhile, as YouTuber Freddy Krueger points out, here's how you can get Magni for free:

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    Welcome to Blizzard's marketing department. Just because it has a Blizzard brand name attached to it, they believe they can charge an extreme amount for next to nothing... Why? Because WoW players have been paying it for years. $10 for a pet, $25 for a mount, etc.

    They've done the same thing with HotS. $8+ for a hero, $6+ for a skin, $12+ for a mount, $50+ bundle that gives you want LoL gives for half the price. But there is nothing you can do about it as Blizzard doesn't care about the few thousand complaints, there's millions more gullible chumps that'll pay the money you don't want to.

      HOTS hero prices are on average about the same as LoL hero prices for any hero released in the last 3 years or so. I don't know where people get the impression they're more expensive.

      Most of the pets and mounts in the store were made for charity events. Make what you will of the pricing of the others, but I think it's pretty reasonable to charge that kind of money to increase donations.

      I've bought plenty of things from Blizzard and I'll probably buy this character at some point, because I think the game is great and I want to support it. Just because some of us value different things doesn't make us gullible.

    Holy cow it's a free-to-play game people - the sense of entitlement among gamers these days is absolutely stupefying

    This actually benefits everyone. People willing to pay $10 for an aesthetic will pay. Everyone else can keep playing the game for free. If this is massively profitable you know some of that money will go into making the game better for everyone playing. If their revenue streams are not successful the game will be deemed unsuccessful as a product we'll all end up with less content, slower releases, and eventually they'd just stop.

    That youtuber is on to something
    Now if only I can figure out a way to do that for LoL bahaha

    It's 100% cosmetic. It's not like their charging you money for something you need to be competitive.

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