Here Are The Australian Times For The E3 Conferences...

E3 can be stressful, particularly if you want to stay tuned for all the conferences as they happen. A heads up: we'll be posting video feeds of all the conferencesand liveblogging the big ones. Also — for easy reference, here are the Australian times for all of them!

Pro tip: Bethesda's conference is kicking off in 45 minutes! Stay tuned. (ACST applies in South Australia and the Northern Territory (plus Broken Hill), AWST applies in Western Australia.)


Monday 15 June 11:30am AEST 11:00am ACST 9:30am AWST


Tuesday 16 June 2:30am AEST 2:00am ACST 12:30am AWST


Tuesday 16 June 6:00am AEST 5:30am ACST 4:00am AWST


Tuesday 16 June 8:00am AEST 7:30am ACST 6:00am AWST


Tuesday 16 June 11:00am AEST 10:30am ACST 9:00am AWST


Wednesday 17 June 2:00am AEST 1:30am ACST 12:00am AWST

Square Enix

Wednesday 17 June 3:00am AEST 2:30am ACST 1:00am AWST

There you go. Quick and easy. Seems so much more packed than usual, on account of Bethesda and Square Enix deciding they want to get in on the action. I have a feeling this is gonna be a big year. Buckle in folks.


    @markserrels wasn't there a Bethesda doolally on in Sydney today? Are you heading along to that? Or anyone else?

    Wait, the Bethesda one is LESS THAN AN HOUR AWAY? Jiminy jillickers!

      Looks like we're in trouble, Baron Kermi de Tron.

      We'll have to fight our way out. Are you ready?

      PM. nvm, it just changed. Article appears to be in edit mode. :P

      Last edited 15/06/15 10:56 am

    Thank you so much for this!! Trying to figure it out myself was difficult, and I'm so eager to keep up to date. I had no idea Bethesda was under an hour away!! Exciting!

      It's PM. You have twelve hours to prepare your body.

      nvm, it just changed. Article appears to be in edit mode. :P

      Last edited 15/06/15 10:56 am

    oh gee thanks kotaku Austrialia! Im sure no one from New Zealand uses the site too!

      Where's Austrialia?

        It's the West Island bro

      Kotaku does seem to forget that sometimes. But at least it's easier to convert than the 'Murrican times.

      For 20 odd years you've had to adjust times for all entertainment - Now you want kotaku to be the face of change?! lol

        you get a page with all times listed and converted for you, yet you tell others to do their own conversion?

          Haha - I've been doing my own conversion for years. The time was fucking wrong on this to start with and I looked at the LA times and worked that out in my head in a flash. It is not the first time a conversion has worked out incorrect, leading to either missing it or sitting around twiddling thumbs for half an hour!
          I'm a big MMA fan - I watch all sorts of events live from the states and depending if its east or west, I go by the LA or NY times on my phone. Yes - I have timezones on my phone. It's just easier to do things yourself if you want it done properly mate ;)

      They posted these times, along with NZ, over a week ago...

    Where's the best place to stream this stuff?

      This is where I'll be watching all the conferences.

        I have no interest in watching other gamer geeks sit around chatting.

        These guys are so self absorbed... derp

    I think the times are a bit borked? central time is half an hour less than eastern time, the bethesda presser starts at 11:30 in Adelaide and midday for the eastern states.

    Here is a handy dandy schedule for most time zones.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1297414550226001702.png

    Last edited 15/06/15 10:56 am

    For those of us who are only really interested in what was said rather than the stream, how long do these things go for? An hour? Two?

    that's a surprise, when I googled e3 dates 2015 it had the 16th U.S as the start date.

      These are for the press conferences. Also time differences.

    I'm really hoping Nintendo will finally unveil Meowth Guitar Hero.

    Oh boy this snuck up on me. Although I am not waking up at 1:30 am to be disappointed by Nintendo.

    What?? It's another 23 hours until the Sony one? Fuck that *overturns table*

    Luckily, I'm usually up that late anyway. I AM OUT OF CONTROL!

    The most important one is the PC one. No time slot mentioned??

    Looking forward to tomorrow. I've had it booked off for about a month i reckon.

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