Heroes Of The Storm Devs Share Their Top Tips

Heroes of the Storm might be considered MOBA-Lite, but it's also a wild departure from the MOBA formula, and a different beast has to be tackled in a different way. We sat down recently with Blizzard's technical director Alan Dabiri, and executive producer on the game, Chris Sigaty, and they were all too keen to share their tips on how to play the new MOBA.

Our thanks to the devs for their time and tips!

Really Learn One Hero - Chris Sigaty

Familiarising yourself with the game is the next part of it, and for me it was a multi step process. I don't claim to be great or anything, but you want to pick a hero and stick with it for a period of time. You don't get it in the first game. You don't get it in the fifth game. It takes a little longer. I personally recommend Li Li, as the easiest to Q your way through it. She's just an easy hero to just sort of stick around and see what's going on.

Map Awareness - Chris Sigaty

Once you get that down, start paying attention to more than just what you do. I was so laser focused on me, and what's happening around me, that I wasn't looking at the minimap, I wasn't understanding what my teammates were tryiing to do. It's taken me a while. Once you get into that, you can start understanding what your role is, and how you play the map.

Be Positive - Alan Dabiri

It’s critical in this game to be positive. I think a lot of players are coming from these other games where maybe one or two things go wrong early on, and they’re basically like throwing their hands up and saying forget it. We’re done.

But the reality is, in Heroes, it’s not over. Stick with it. Because we’ve got these 20 minute games, there’s not this incredible investment going for an hour, but even being behind a couple of levels, losing an objective or kills on your team, it’s not over.

Don't Chase Into The Fog Of War - Alan Dabiri

Be careful with your positioning, and don’t chase people. I think there could be an enemy that’s really hurt, and you chase them down, and sure enough you go through some bushes and their whole team is waiting there. Sure, he’s damaged, but now you’re gone.

Don't Run From Your Heals - Alan Dabiri

When you have a support on your team, don’t run away from your support. When they’re trying to heal you, stick with them. Because they can keep you up and keep you going.

Use The Pings - Chris Sigaty

There’s a pretty cool ping system in the game — the bad part is if you do it too much. What I’ve learned is not to tell people to not ping, or repeatedly ping. It’s more of an awareness thing. I’m on my way, defend… Just so people understand what you’re thinking. I’ve found that when I do that, the team tends to be better.

Team Composition Dynamics Change Mid-Game - Chris Sigaty

That team fight in the late game can mean everything, even if their comp seems to counter your comp early on. Sometimes through talents, sometimes through luck, sometimes through one of their team members being out of position and that leading to a full wipe, those are those critical moments. So I think waiting till the end is at the root of this recommendation.


    Thankyou Mr Sigaty, now I expect to queue up with 4 LiLi's tonight =p

    They forgot to add the tip to play other mobas that need a little bit of skill

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