Heroes Of The Storm Testing Ban System For Ranked Modes

Briefly: Heroes of the Storm will begin testing a ban system for its ranked modes in coming weeks, game director Dustin Browder said on Twitter. While many Heroes fans have asked for an option to ban select heroes prior to a match, Blizzard has so far disregarded many team-building features considered sacred to MOBA players.


    I vary rarely comment but I feel this is necessary.

    Stop. Just stop. Stop posting about he HOTS. Every. tiny. update.

    Every time a basement nerd gets a multi kill - stop.
    Every time the director farts - stop

    If you are getting paid to post these be honest and call it how it is.

    If not then please take a look at how minimal the games reach is and move on.

    I don't need to know how they "are testing" a new system which "might" impact a game.


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