Hey, More Footage Of Overwatch In Action!

In the kerfuffle that is E3, it's easy to forget that PC games often get lost in the mix. Take Overwatch for example: it's easy to forget that a game like Overwatch exists and is in development.

Bu Blizzard seems intent on reminding us of its existence, by releasing these weekly videos from the perspective of the numerous different characters in the game.

I've been enjoying them, mainly because we're getting a chance to see how differently each character plays. I expect that will make or break this game — how all these characters hang together in the multiplayer environment. I'm still really liking what I see.


    I am seriously hanging out for this. It seems like so much god damn fun. Just hope there are dedicated servers for this... something that doesn't really seem likely since it's Blizzard. Or at the very least an option to only join Aussie games.

    I don't know about that lightening flamethrower. I think it needs more visual feedback that you're doing damage. My 2c.

    Has this got a release date?

      beta in the fall, probably a date or some time frame at blizzcon in november

      Last edited 19/06/15 10:47 pm

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