Horror Game Uses Phones To Turn Your House Into A Complete Nightmare

Horror Game Uses Phones To Turn Your House Into A Complete Nightmare

A game like this booted up on a dark night when you’re completely alone seems like a sure-fire way to shit your pants.

Night Terrors is an alternate reality game where you use your phone to see digital terrors. In a way, it looks a lot like the house-centric horrors P.T. offered on the PS4 — except in real life, and therefore potentially way, way scarier:

While it does seem have some jump scares, I think what really sells this is the audio. Like the Silent Hills demo, it seems as if a built-in radio will narrate some of the experience, and the things the game says are kind of eerie. Note, for example, how the radio guy goes on about how this is all in your head. When the player stands still, he actually notes it! It’s kind of cool.

The developers say that the game understands where you’re standing, and actively uses that information to craft your experience. “The camera and microphone feeds are analysed and processed in real time,” they note on Night Terror’s Indiegogo page. “Photorealistic elements are added to the camera feed. Audio is spatialised, mixed with the microphone feed, and then routed to the headphones delivering an immersive binaural audio experience.” Binaural audio, as you may know, is special in that it aims to make the user physically feel stuff. When it’s successful, it’s pretty damn good — the most terrifying creepypasta experience I’ve ever had involved binaural audio, which activated at a key point during the story. Probably the most intense feeling of dread a game has made me feel, all thanks to the audio. It’s hard to say if Night Terrors will succeed on that same front, but the potential is at least there.

I also like that since the game takes place on your phone, it creates that an authentic sort of ‘found footage’ feel. Could be effective!

Night Terrors is hoping to raise $US70,000 on Indiegogo. Currently, they are almost halfway there.


  • Great… Just in time, as my wife and kids will be away for 2 months… That’s fine, sleep’s overrated anyway.

  • As long as it works in a dark enviroment. I had issues with Project Zero on the 3DS because the AR required a light room and I needed it dark to see the enemies

  • Reminds me of the sequence in the House On Haunted Hill remake, where the journalist “sees” the ghosts in her camera’s viewfinder.
    You know, about half an hour before the whole movie goes to shit.

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