How Counter-Strike's Most Popular Map Has Changed Over 14 Years

How Counter-Strike's Most Popular Map Has Changed Over 14 Years

Counter-Strike's most popular map, Dust2, has been around since 2001, making it more than a decade old.

This video from ESCalation chronicles Dust2's evolution throughout Counter-Strike's many iterations. While the layout and general theme of the map might seem similar throughout, the architectural style, graphical fidelity and readability of each area has changed markedly. It's that age-old back-and-forth between building A Video Game Level and crafting a place that feels plausible, like actual people might live there and get dust in their mouths and complain about it a lot.

What's cool, in my opinion, about CSGO's version of Dust2 is that it manages to unicycle across that tightrope and stick the landing with style. It's easily the most believable-looking iteration of Dust, but bomb site graffiti and other little touches make it a more approachable level for newcomers and longtimers alike. Perhaps that's why people love it so much that it's kind of a problem.

What do you think though? What's your favourite version of Dust2? Why?


    Dust2 has never ever looked remotely 'lived in', nor does it resemble an actual middle eastern location. But I'm ok with that, because the level rocks.

    I wish they had stayed with colourful palette from 1.6/Source in GO. The grittiness and dark shades of most new FPSs is so irritating. If you watch Valve's development content on TF2 for example they may a big deal of focusing on how every character's shape is distinctive (even as a purely a a black silhouette) and how other players visually leap out from the background. Sure it's a different, clearly more cartoony game, but I wish they kept the underlying philosophy.

    Errr dust 2 is a shitty map, there are many maps far better than dust2. I never understood the infatuation with the map personally. Italy and cobble to name just 2 are way better than dust ever was. People just vote for it all the time because they know the map and don't like variety I guess

    Source is still my fave, down with GO i say!

    Am I the only one who cant stand Dust 2?

    OMG. I tried to get into CS:GO this week after grabbing it in Steam sales. I got stuck in a Dust2 loop. Variety people!

    It kind of lost its feel in CS GO. I don't know why but I hate the better graphics

    14 years?? I still have the CS CD-ROM I bought back in 98. 17 years ago!

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