How Mad Max’s Explosive Visual Effects Were Made

How Mad Max’s Explosive Visual Effects Were Made

One of the things that really grabs you about Mad Max: Fury Road is just how much of the action is made up of practical effects. Those are real cars exploding and rolling around, which always looks cooler than the floaty vehicles CGI puts on the screen. That doesn’t mean the movie was free of digital effects, though. Far from it.

This amazing feature over on fxguide features interviews with the people behind Mad Max’s visual effects, showing how everything from the toxic storm to Furiosa’s arm to the final chase was cobbled together from a mixture of actual locations, real cars, sets and extensive computer work.

It’s full of spoilers (since it follows the movie’s plot from start to end), but if you’ve seen it, it’s definitely a cool read.


  • God I love this movie. Took a mate over the weekend. He’s never seen the originals; wanted to go home and watch them all afterwards.

  • I watched this with a friend on the weekend. The word she used to describe it was “relentless”. One word. So accurate.

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