How Street Fighter’s Ryu Works In Smash Bros.

How Street Fighter’s Ryu Works In Smash Bros.

Ryu’s a Smash combatant now, but players familiar with the source material will have a distinct advantage over their Super Smash Bros. foes. Oh, and he’s the only fighter in the series with two Final Smashes. So…he’s new.

For starters, Ryu’s attacks vary based on the legnth of time a button is hit. Tap for a light attack, hold for something heavier. Most of his standard attacks have light, medium and heavy versions, giving the combo-based fighter plenty to work with.

Then there are his signature moves, like the Hadouken fireball. It can be executed with the press of a button, but using the original Street Fighter inputs (quarter-circle up+A) the move will be a bit more powerful. Go half-circle+A and you’ll get a Shakunetsu Hadouken.

Same goes for the Shoryuken. It can be activated with up+b, but use the original input command and, as the video says, there’s a good chance you’ll KO your opponent.

They have basically tweaked a whole lot of mechanics to make Ryu work in Smash while feeling familiar to Street Fighter fans. If the eShop ever works again, maybe we’ll get to see how he plays.


    • Uh-oh. Sounds like a slippery slope if they do that: ANNOUNCING THE SFII AMIIBOS

      • I don’t even own a wiiU but have 3 amiibos. I’m not huge on collecting things but I just really like these figures.

  • So ummm – there are more characters right? Why is there a post about a single one? I want to find out which stages are included without watching some big video at work 🙁

    • New characters:


      New stages:

      Dreamland 64
      Ryu stage (can’t remember the exact name of it)
      Miiverse (free)

      Ryu and the Ryu stage are available together in a pack.

      They also announced that Hyrule Castle 64 and Mario 64 stage and tournament mode are coming in future updates. Roy and Ryu amiibos were also confirmed to be coming.

  • This is only fair, after all the Wii u is getting ports of all of those other great capcom games in the works!

    Oh, wait…

    • “You’ll take the scraps we make others put together for you and you’ll like it!”

      • “You still own a GameCube right? Why do YOU need to re-buy anything we’re making these days?”

        Oh, right. Thanks capcom!

    • Ryu is based on his Street Fighter II incarnation and the SNES port of SFII is basically what established the SNES as the premier console at the time. So, yes, Ryu and Street Fighter are important to Nintendo’s history.

  • $7 for one character? Wow..

    Hopefully they eventually release a pack with all the currently released DLC, because that’s a bit nuts.

  • It’s a bit absurd they keep adding content to this game, the amount so far is already overwhelming. That said, I’m really hoping for a Splatoon fighter in the future.

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