How Video Game Movies Get Made In Hollywood

I'm pretty sure every single video game movie currently in pre-production currently got greenlit like this.

Well, maybe not exactly like this, but in that ballpark.

This is the latest effort from Noober Goober Gaming, a gaming focused channel from MMA YouTuber TommyToeHold — you might remember him from those amazing UFC Glitch Commentary videos. If you haven't seen those, you have to go and watch them right now.


    I used to do movie interviews and stuff regularly a few years back, and I'd talk to directors and scriptwriters regularly about the shit they had to put up with from on high. @markserrels I really hate to say this, but that's actually closer to reality than I want to admit I've heard. It's a damn funny clip, but it's also sad because it's shockingly accurate :( often scripts aren't complete or aren't even past the first draft when shooting starts, often scripts haven't even STARTED when movie casting even begins. I remember talking to David Arquette for instance, who had *nothing* nice to say about the filming of Scream 3, where he said studio heads were coming in every single day, asking for rewrites, that the ending was changed at least a dozen times, that they even asked 'Is it possible to make Ghostface supernatural like those killers like Freddy because that's popular again!' (paraphrasing, I think he said a different killer) *groan*.
    So glad I don't do that any more.

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      Fortunately there are at least some film production studios where they want to make a good movie and not just money.

      I get entertainment is a product, I'm not against making money, but good movies make money far easier and longer than bad movies.

        Yep there are, this sort of thing that I mentioned only tends to infect movies when too much money gets involved and it ends up becoming 'designed by committee'. Wes Craven had very little say on Scream 3 for instance, Kevin Williamson left the series and Ehren Krueger took over (a puppet writer by all means). What ended up being, was essentially whatever he was told to write on a day to day basis.

    It looks like we may be finally headed in the right direction though.

      Nope not boarding that hypetrain :D I'll wait till its out and reserve judgement then.

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