Hyrule Warriors Coming To 3DS

Video: The action game Hyrule Warriors is coming to 3DS — complete with Tetra and the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker. No word on a Western release yet.


    Fuck yes! Just so long as it isn't as terrible as the handheld Dynasty Warriors games...

    Also, "This video is private." 'sup with that?

      Think they pulled it. Pretty sure this was an e3 leak.

        Timing makes sense. Why would you reveal this less than a week from e3?

          Devils third got an info dump, along with a release date. Fire emblem was shown off. They had that mini direct with the chibi robo reveal, project treasure....

          It's like Nintendo is bluffing that they have so much in the works, that they can afford to give a bunch away before e3. :p

          They always do this, they crazy.

            And yet they managed to pull it off by announcing even more stuff during e3. They crazy but good crazy.

            Last edited 11/06/15 3:05 pm

    Nice! They should port all the Wii U games to 3DS :p

      I can't see how this will work well. I found even using the GamePad too small to keep up with everything going on.

        My only gripe with the gamepad was that trying to switch tools and still be on the move was not comfortable. It's like playing Twister on the gamepd with my fingers.

          Were you using the touch controls? I always just scrolled through them - there are only about 5 and you can scroll both ways.

            Dont think the touch controls work when you're coop-ing

        I have the reverse issue, short sighted.

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