If You Have A Mac, You Have To Check Out This Sale

Tragic true story: it's been too long since I've had a desktop PC and — as of right now — my PC gaming is actually being done on a MacBook Pro. For this reason, I am totally loving this massive sale on Mac games.

I mean seriously, here are a few examples:

— Hotline Miami for $2.49 — Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $4.99 — Broken Age for $6.24 — Limbo for $2.49 — Tropico 5 is $7.99

Man, there are a lot of good games on-sale here. A lot. A real good mix between old games you might already have, and new titles worthy of your attention. As someone currently slumming it on my Mac, this has been super helpful.


    I'm in the same boat, guess it is time to finally check out Dues Ex.

    Sorry but could someone post the link to this sale?

    Err, I think you're forgetting something.. where is this sale? A link might help :)

    And where does one check out said sale?

      But don't you see? The sale was in your heart all along!

    As a person who also owns a mac...you know you can install a windows partition on it right?

      Yeah, it is actually really easy, but I don't game enough to bother.

    Might be time for me to give Broken Age a crack for that price.

    If these activate on steam you also get the windows version at the same time.

    mac and gaming does not equal very well
    its sad that a leader of this gaming site is based on mac ATM

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