Image Of New Animal Crossing, Mario Maker Amiibo Emerges

Image of New Animal Crossing, Mario Maker Amiibo Emerges

This image is currently viewable on Nintendo of Europe's site (via Eurogamer). It appears to show new Animal Crossing Amiibo, as well as an old-school Mario for Mario Maker, alongside some Amiibo we know already. We're guessing they will make an official appearance at next week's Nintendo Direct.

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    How about just making some new games? If I want cheap plastic collectibles I'll get a Happy Meal.

      These ones are based off new games coming out

    Ok, that Mario maker one is pretty awesome.

    I need all of the Animal Crossing ones.

    Right this very moment.

      I should get Mabel, because that look is exactly the look my GF gives me when she sees my line-up of Amiibos...

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