'Imbalance' Sees Developer Kill The Division's Helper Mobile App

Ubisoft's The Division is trying a few interesting ideas — one of those being a companion app designed for mobile phones. Except that's not happening any more, with the concept nixed by developer Massive Entertainment.

Speaking with IGN's Evan Campbell, a "representative" for the studio confirmed that the app will no longer go ahead. The IGN story mentions that app "'created an imbalance' that compromised gameplay".

This statement isn't expanded on, but given the app gave users the ability to buff other players, it doesn't seem like there would be a sure-fire way to stop someone from using it to give themselves an unfair advantage.

It's definitely a neat idea and one that seems awesome on paper, but comes undone when executed. We're likely to see more cooperation between mobile and console / PC as time goes on, but we first have to solve these sorts of problems for it to be viable... and fair.



    The idea behind how Fallout 4 is looking at integrating a companion app seems like the way to go. Practical and functional.

      What's Fallout 4's companion app going to be like?

        Seems to be the pip boy (character menus/inventory/skills) on your tablet rather than having to open it in the game. Looks simple and neatly executed.

          Wii U gamepad, anyone? This is exactly what Wii U games have been doing for years. :-S

          Do I want to get a secondary device to make a game more playable? Not really. I sure do hope they don't make this stuff compulsory. It's rubbish when you cannot do stuff in game because you are not using devices that they are pandering for in limited ways.

          Do I want the game on Wii U? I'd rather not, as I know the developer / publisher will whinge and either make it months late or then just not release it after initially promising it.

          I'm just getting a little off topic though, and will probably insight enough flaming as it is. :-(

            I think it would be much like the GTA V app. You don't need it. It's there if you want it. Just adds a little extra. With it being the pip boy, it's certainly make some actions easier

            Its not compulsory, can still use the pip boy as we always have. Most households have a tablet or phone, so its a neat and free extra feature. Not so game changing as to require you use it.

    Good. I like to have the entire game in my game, thanks. If there's going to be some kind of way to buff other players, include it in the actual game. I don't want to dick around with my phone when I'm playing a video game.

    They finally learn their lesson from ac unity. Great job ubisoft finally listening to the players.

    Why didn't they have it for single player only? Rather than PvP

      Yeah, this seemed like a cool idea, but the only time things matter abotu being 'imbalanced' is when it comes to PVP.

      Another example of PVE getting the shaft thanks to PVP considerations.


    They should of taken the buffing part out and left the drone control in for the app, I'm thinking it's been scrapped for other reasons

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