Jurassic World Of Warcraft Has Better CGI Than The Original

Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration.

Still this is pretty impressive: a shot for shot recreation of the most recent Jurassic World trailer in World of Warcraft. It goes to some pretty strange lengths to get it all right.

I found this strangely compelling. Possibly because I've watched the Jurassic World trailer way too many times, despite the fact I'm pretty sure the movie will be hot garbage.


    Incidentally Mark, the first reviews are saying it's a lot of fun and a well done movie, with a great lot of commentary on how audiences treat film, parallells between audiences saying 'this bores me, I've seen it all before' with the park audiences saying 'these dinosaurs bore me, seen it all before', where the park operators bring out something new, unseen and unusual, it's a disaster, to movie makers bringing out something new, unseen and unusual and it's a disaster (the usual reaction in cinema). Have to applaud when decent subtext is put in a film at least.

    I'm not sure the movie will be hot garbage, because I have to admit, it at least looks like the movies had effort and some creativity put into it, unlike the last two JP movies?

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      Kind of sounds like the LEGO movie's commentary on itself as a product. Would that be an apt comparison?

        Pretty much, Lego movie was one of the smartest movies I've seen in YEARS. Amazing how much depth and heart it had.

    Even this couldn't make the stupid "I can tame Raptors" shit look good.

    I have no idea how you can contemplate it being remotely 'hot garbage'. The trailer/s, director, cast, build up have all been insanely good. Can't wait, personally.

    I see, Looks legit anyway so why not? Its very interesting just by the looking at it and insanely tempting!

    Someone hire this guy already!

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