Just A Few Short Days Before Final Fantasy XIV Turns Heavensward

All of this shiny new, far in the future Final Fantasy stuff from E3 2015 is great, but those of us with massively multiplayer leanings have more immediate concerns, like next week’s launch of the first major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV.

Three new jobs, massive new areas, a new race, flying mounts, and all of this just a week away — that is unless you’ve got early access, in which case you’ll be get a headstart on Friday, June 19, 7pm AEST.

Luckily I work weekends, which means… damn.


  • What surprised me the most was that SE had new Limit Break’s (3) for some of the current Jobs. I thought they were going to introduce the new Limit Breaks eventually through patches.

    So yeah, that was neat (and I totally called Summoner getting Megaflare. Ultima was my second guess).

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