Kid Gets Super Nintendo On Launch Day, Is Pleased

Kid Gets Super Nintendo On Launch Day, Is Pleased

And you thought you were cool because you lined up at midnight and bought a PS4 with your own money.

Tyler Esposito, meanwhile, gets to say that he got a SNES on August 23, 1991. The day the console was first released in the United States, when it retailed for $US199.

Well, he gets to say it, then relive it endlessly and brag about it to the world, because his Dad was smart enough to film the whole thing (and more!).

The induction ceremony begins around 1:45 below.

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    Jealous, SNES had been around for a while before I even knew it was a thing. I was honestly shocked Ninty had a second console (even though I knew Sega had two).
    Then I didn't get one til high school, many years later.

    Actually, the only console I got day 1 was DS because I was an "adult" with a job.
    Never felt the need to do it again because there's always so few games at launch.

    Santa still owes me a super Nintendo, I was mostly almost good for like nearly a whole year back in 1993, wheres my fucking super Nintendo Santa??

      (uhh, guys, should we tell him?)

        (That 'mostly almost good' wasn't enough for Santa? It has to be just 'mostly good' for him to come. Probably why I got a NES instead of a N64 way back when.)

    I bought a super famicom from Japan waaaaay before it was released in Australia as the super nintendo. Of course I was the popular kid who had a load of friends come over nearly everyday to play super mario. Was the best gaming experience I ever had. Nothing has come close since.
    Not even when I bought the Neo geo AES from Japan in the 90's was as fun.

    This must be the best thing about having kids - spontaneously making them happy makes you immeasurably happier.
    They'll get you back in their teens though, the little fucking shits.

      I fear the day... I have a 7-going-on-17 year old at the moment, and a wrecking ball of a toddler. But yes... surprised the eldest with Lego Batman 3 a few weeks back and he had a similar reaction to the kid in the video. Then again he also had the same reaction finding how to train your dragon part 11 in the library yesterday.. it's pretty easy to excite some kids lol

    I skipped the SNES... well I should say that my parents decided I didn't need one, and that my NES was enough :( Luckily my cousin got one and only lived down the road lol

    Look at that, they pulled the Super Nintendo out of the box, set it up, slammed the cartridge in, and within seconds he was playing the game. No fancy publisher logos, no pre-downloading BS, no profiles. Just the game.

      The best thing I have read all day. Buy a game today and wait 2 hours to play it for a bullshit update that I don't think I need… Oh and chew through 3 gigs of my data. *sigh*

    Dang that kid is lucky!

    I remember getting mine and playing F ZERO to death. F ZERO, Super tennis, Super Mario World and... hmmm i can't remember the 4th game that was available in Australia when the SNES first came out. A little help here? It was only a little later i was able to get my hands on Final Fight the best game of all time for me as a kid. Was over the moon! Then of course a Link to the past.

      Super soccer

        THANK YOU!

          Welcome. I had SMB and Super Ghouls n ghosts.. (japanese famicom)

            Yeh I had the original Famicom the white and red one with the disk system. Rockman 2 was my fav(Mega Man), and Devils Range (castlevania). To this day I still think Ghoul's n Ghosts is still one tough game. But when it came to the SNES, my parents bought me the PAL one. I remember when Street Fighter 2 came out for the famicom. I wanted it so bad we had to go to this Aquarium shop where in the back they sold import games. Felt so illegal. Hahaha. Bought a converter and ended up getting this other beat em up called Rushing Beat, because I had to wait another month till they got more street fighter 2 in. Game was pretty good, even had a guy who looked like MBison. :P

              Ah the good ol days mate. It was the only way to obtain games/consoles back then (unless you travelled or knew someone going to japan) I used to also buy consoles and games from a backyard importer, same deal for street fighter. My mate bought the convertor and game in one hit. My mate was blown away, me personally never got into street fighter but appreciated the advancement of what the snes was capable of for that game. I wish I had of bought every copy of Neo Turf masters for Neo geo. I remember when said seller imported that game in. he had a whole row of them across his table and said "You interested in buying this game"? Who was into golf games? Definitely not me! kick myself for it. Its soooo expensive now.

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