Klei Confirms Xbox One Release For Survival Game Don’t Starve

Klei Confirms Xbox One Release For Survival Game Don’t Starve

Klei’s super successful survival game Don’t Starve has found its way onto a number of platforms, including the PC, PS4 and Wii U, with Microsoft’s living room hardware the notable exception. That was the case a few days ago, but this week the developer confirmed the title will be coming to the Xbox One.

“lifelower”, a Twitter account that proclaims to be the “XBLA watchdog”, noticed the game had been classified by USK, Germany’s ratings board. Rather than remain tight-lipped, Klei admitted the game is indeed coming to the console:

It seems an easy decision on the developer’s part — it’s already done the hard yards via Sony and Nintendo’s offerings, so porting Don’t Starve to the Xbox One doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

Sadly, multiplayer isn’t included, though that’s still going through Early Access and who knows, Klei might provide an update for the console versions down the track once the PC version is rock-solid.

@klei [Twitter, via VG247]


  • Sick, an indie game that been on pc and PlayStation since 2013 is coming to Xbox one.

    I mean I’ll buy it but it’s hardly something to get super excited about.

    • I think we would prefer you didnt get it. The fact this is getting to xBox is something to be excited about – infact anything that increases the gallery of games for any console should be something to get excited about. super excited is what games are about!

      • Horses for courses I guess, people in my position don’t see the value in paying for a game a third time around. Maybe if they could validate existing purchases then it’d be cool to get a free download (as if that’s going to happen).

        I guess I’ll be hanging on for some fresh content in the MS camp.

        • you see, you didnt mention that fact at all.. you just jump on put out a negative comment. I agree with your second statement though.. I would love to get this on my wiiU and ps4 to play with my friends that dont have a gaming pc – it would be nice that my purchase would be recognised across all platforms. I will reiterate though, any increase in good games is worth being excited about – even if its not your console (its the “exclusives” you need to be concerned about – you may never see these if you dont have the console) 🙂

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