Korean Gamer Destroys An Xbox 360, Alleges Microsoft Isn't Trying

Korean Gamer Destroys an Xbox 360, Alleges Microsoft Isn't Trying

A South Korean gamer known as XBOX∞ is infinitely not happy. Today, he uploaded a post titled, "I got a sledge hammer. Message for Microsoft Korea." The gamer was upset about the Batman: Arkham Knight Korean localisation. Or rather, the lack thereof.

"Arkham Knight for PS4 got an official localised release while the Xbox One version didn't," XBOX∞ told Cnet Korea (via tipster Sang). "I just couldn't stand it anymore as even the Batman game I really liked wasn't localised."

In his original Ruliweb post, which featured the smashed up photos, XBOX∞ rattled off a handful of big name Xbox One titles that don't have Korean localisation (or haven't gotten an official localisation announcement), including Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, The Evil Within, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Batman: Arkham Knight. Some of these games, obviously, are Xbox One exclusives! The multi-platform titles were released in Korean on the PS4, causing further consternation for the country's Xbox One owners.

But, what's worse is how these releases seem to have been handled. So, for example, Forza Horizon 2 was apparently announced as a Korean language title, but was released, without warning supposedly, as an English game in South Korea. Ditto for Project Spark. The Evil Within and Metal Gear Solid V: TPP, on the other hand, are in English for the Xbox One in South Korea, while The Evil Within got Korean subtitles on the PS4 and MGSV:TPP is expected to be localised for the console as well. The latest one to dishearten Korean Xbox One owners is Arkham Knight, which was released as a retail and digital game in Korean on the PS4, but only as a digital title on Xbox One in, you guessed it, English.

Keep in mind, that you do see games getting official releases in South Korea in English or even in Japanese, but our tipster notes, game companies usually try to get players a heads up in order to manage expectations. That doesn't seem to be happening here, hence the console smashing... Good thing the Xbox One one is getting backwards compatibility! Heh.

Korean Gamer Destroys an Xbox 360, Alleges Microsoft Isn't Trying

In his post, XBOX∞ wrote that Microsoft Korea should have done something months ago to ensure that Korean Xbox One owners got to play a localised version of Arkham Knight like Korean PS4 owners do. Continuing, XBOX∞ added that he thinks Microsoft should shutdown their Xbox business in South Korea, and he also pledged to take his Xbox One to their headquarters and smash it in front of the building if Microsoft Korea doesn't show more effort in localising games.


    "I'm gonna destroy the console that's not getting AK at all, and also coincidentally I won't need once backwards compatibility comes out! That'll show 'em."

      you missed the whole "Actually i can get a 9 year old RROD'd 360 Pro console for $5 off ebay to smash up!"

        And get coverage from a "major" international gaming press website franchise.

        Pretty good deal for $5 when you think about it.

    Boo fucking hoo, precious little shit. Welcome to the world of localization support, if you really wanted to send a message, you should have smashed your XBox One, not your 360.

    What are the sale stats like for xbox in Korea. Chances are they're not that great and it doesnt make financial sense to cater to children like this one

    Meanwhile even if he spoke flawless English he can't set his console language and voice language to English without changing regions. Microsoft are pretty poor at supporting non Americans, they just don't get it.

    I detest this sort of behaviour. If that's how he reacts to a video game not being available, god forbid anyone ever accidentally cut him off in traffic or break his heart.

      I'm so glad to know how much better you are than a little boy.

    He could have traded that 360 towards a PS4 if the games on there are getting Korean translations. Probably would have hurt MS's feelings more than just smashing it, too.

    Complains about Xbone games
    Breaks 360 so he can still play his Xbone games
    360 probably didn't work anymore anyway

    And that ain't a sledgehammer my attention seeking friend

    Last edited 26/06/15 8:53 am

    Wow, infinity is alot shorter than I thought....

    Dem Frosty flakes and instant noodle beef bowls. His diet is fine. *thumbs up.

    That's not a sledgehammer.....this is a sledgehammer!

      I disagree, THIS is a sledgehammer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJWJE0x7T4Q

    I think many people are taking this as a tantrum when it seems to have the tone of a demonstration citing a prejudicial attitude toward certain regions, frequently and continually. It's funny how some people can demonstrate dramatically and ignorantly and others can't.

    Heh, I sent email to Kotaku saying how they should clarify that there is NO Xbone backwards compatibility, and how they're kinda fooling people and going along with MS's lies.

    Of course, no response, and they continue to lie in the articles... good job.

    Read: Xbone does not have backwards compatibility.

      Well how is it that I've got six 360 titles on the console playing just fine? I understand there's some issue with PAL disc based games though

        You have 6 games out of a limited selection of 20. Giving away ported copies of a couple games does not backwards compatibility make.

          So they let you play 360 games and will be adding to that list substantially over time but you feel you need to be all anal about the fact that it isn't true insert and go backwards compatibility? (which isn't possible...)
          Backwards compatibility as far as it actually matters to people is "If I put this old game in my new console will I be able to play it" and MS are working on achieving that with as many games as they can. Why shit on a company doing a good thing?

          Read: Don't be a pedantic dick about things.

            20 first-party games out of a list of thousands? They haven't proved anything yet, don't get your hopes up. In fact, MS proved that with the Xbone they will flip and change their plans at will.

            Also, for comparison:
            - Wii U and 3DS has backwards compatibility with NES/SNES - because some are available on virtual console.
            - PS VITA has backwards compatibility with PS1 - some titles available on PSN.

            Now, no one is saying those two points are true, not even Ninety/Sony. That's because it's a ridiculous statement and a lie.

            So the question remains: why is MS getting away with this?

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