League Of Legends’ Next Champion Is A Giant Catfish

League Of Legends’ Next Champion Is A Giant Catfish

His named is Tahm Kench, and he attacks enemies with his tongue. Ew?

After releasing a stylish trailer for a character known as “The River King” last week, Riot Games revealed the next champion coming to its ludicrously popular online multiplayer game League of Legends today with a characteristically detailed breakdown of the guy’s abilities published on its website. Riot describes him as a support-friendly tank, which would put him in a similar class to the loveable beefcake Braum.

Kench is a big fat catfish, so staying true to his character, most of the champion’s abilities revolve around using his gigantic mouth and very long tongue in creative ways. His Q move “Tongue Lash,” roots him in place while launching his tongue at a target. “Devour,” his W move, lets Kench swallow a target whole and hold them inside his belly for a few seconds before spitting them back out. That’s kinda similar to Stitches’ heroic ability in Heroes of the Storm — a move that lets the zombie grab opponents, swallow them whole, and thus immobilise them for a few seconds. The twist with League’s upcoming catfish is that he can also use this ability on allies, effectively shielding them and damaging any bad guys hit when he spits them back out. That makes Kench’s swallowing ability an interesting defensive move as well — I can see him using it to help his teammates escape from an ugly fight, for instance.

Speaking of strategic swallowing, Kench’s ultimate ability (“ult” for short, the most powerful move a League character unlocks when they hit level 6), meanwhile, lets him ingest an ally before teleporting to a target location. This sounds like it will be very useful for making a hasty retreat…or surprising opponents by dropping in unannounced with two champions who are ready to fight.

To top all this tongue-based activity off, Kench’s passive slightly alters how all his abilities work on an individual target after he’s hit them three times with a basic attack. So if he’s already smacked someone with his tongue three times, his Q will stun them rather than just slowing them — to give one example.

Kench was only just announced, so we’ll have to see how the League of Legends community takes to the guy. Early impressions indicate that some fans aren’t thrilled to see yet another champion with a three-hit passive.


  • So his ulti is basically copying Dota’s Wisp? I don’t play LOL, but good luck to Riot balancing this guy, Wisp was a top tier pick for the longest time in competitive Dota because that ulti is so strong.

    • From memory Wisp only relocated him and his tether target for a period of time didn’t he? If so this catfish guys ult could be even more of a bitch cos you don’t have a time limit on how long your in the fight for. Not to mention the fact that it sounds like he deals dmg when spitting his ally out.

      • Wisp can untether the ally so they don’t teleport back with him/her/it/whatever. Wisp ult also lasts around 12 second which is long enough for a kill to happen before they go back and resume farming.

        Consider characters like Pantheon and TF, Catfish’s ult probably won’t be global.

        Also permanently relocate you and your ally to another location could be bad since you will leave a lane wide open for the opposing side letting them gain gold/xp while you are running back.

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