Leak: Destiny’s New Expansion Is The Taken King, Out September 15

Leak: Destiny’s New Expansion Is The Taken King, Out September 15

The next Destiny expansion is called The Taken King, according to marketing materials sent to Kotaku. It will be out on September 15 and will open up a new subclass for each of Destiny‘s three classes, according to the leak.

This evening, a tipster sent over a large marketing sheet for The Taken King, which we’ve been able to corroborate with other sources. The sheet — which lists The Taken King at $US40 — offers a handful of details surrounding Destiny‘s next expansion pack. For example, it confirms the existence of a new subclass for each of the game’s three classes, along with a new elemental super ability: an electrical storm for Warlocks (arc); a gravity bow for Hunters (void); and a flaming hammer for Titans (solar). Hardcore Destiny players will notice that each of these abilities revolves around the element each respective class lacks today.

In addition to the usual additions we’ve seen in both other Destiny expansions so far — new Strikes, new PvP maps, etc. — The Taken King will have a raid pitting players against Oryx, father of Crota, who is apparently looking for revenge (and leading a new army of baddies called the Taken). Crota, you may remember, was the big bad raid boss in the game’s first expansion pack. He had a crippling weakness to LAN cables.

Last month’s House of Wolves expansion didn’t come with a raid, although it’s safe to say that it tweaked and added enough to justify that omission, correcting many of the more annoying mistakes Bungie made in the first expansion.

In January, a different leak outlined Bungie’s future plans for Destiny, and although we heard at the time that some of the details there had changed — House of Wolves, for example, came out two months later than slated in that leak — the outline did include an expansion that was code-named Comet and scheduled for September 2015. The name “Taken King” has been floating around for a while, too, thanks to trademark registrations and an accidental leak by Red Bull.

Bungie declined to comment on this story. We should see more from the new expansion at E3 next week.

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    • Yeah, considering the previous two DLC packs were $20 US each and $30 US if you bought the season pass, $40 seems very expensive for just one raid, a handful of story missions and a subclass. IMO it’d need to be a proper expansion set with at least as much content as both DLC packs combined to be worth it. Ideally more than that.

      • I was thinking that the level of content in this should have been what was in TDB & HoW each and this have been a proper ‘major’ expansion. As it is, Destiny is very lightweight in terms of content.

        Speaking bluntly, the game up to and including HoW should have been what was available at launch and then this being the first DLC, but hey, Activision hands are of the grabbing-of-money variety

        • Also adding that this will still probably be ported onto last gen consoles as well and this will come out almost 2 years after the current gen was released. Nothing like purposefully holding back the limitations of your game in order to make a few more quick bucks

    • I love story missions with a new voice over, no new enemy models or them acting any different/using different skills and on the same maps/areas already in the game (OR MIRRORED AND BACKWARDS LIKE HOUSE OF WOLVES!)

  • PoE appeared to be a step in the right direction and now they take another step back. Given how historically broken all of Bungie’s raids have been I’m not keen to shell out $40 (probably $60 with AU tax) for another piece of broken content.

    • I gotta say, yeah they’re broken…but they’re only broken if you go looking for where they break. Sure there’s a cheese for just about every section of the raid…but you could just play it the way it was meant to be played. If you’re referring to bugs throughout the raids like the heavy ammo steal…Atheon being able to shoot through the relic cleanse…Oracles not dying…Crota not kneeling after shield drop…ok so they’re pretty broken….nevermind.

      • The raid group I was running with all quit after a patch they released to get rid of the platform cheese for VoG and introduced then random portal teleportation. While we had no issue killing both Atheon and Templar under normal mechanics (I.e. we never used the platform cheese on normal) all of a sudden both these fights were broken. The templar glitched out on every single week; sometimes his shield wouldn’t go down, sometimes our rockets would kill him in one shot, sometimes people would get marked by an oracle and instead of dying would become invincible and couldn’t move. Atheon’s teleporting “fix” resulted in what was once a 20 minute fight turning into a 2 hour slog due to glitches as Atheon would randomly transport the wrong number (i.e. 1 person) of people through the portal causing the whole team to wipe if they died and dropped the shield. Let’s not even talk about atheon shooting through the bubble. The problem with Destiny’s content has always been that Bungie make the normal way to win a fight too bloody hard and too punishing where a split second of a distraction can result in a wipe. Given people do the raid weekly the players are pushed to find easier and less stressful ways of clearing the content because at the end of the day it’s a game and not a bloody climb on Mt Everest.

        • You do realise that all of those bugs you mentioned have been fixed for a while now. I raid every week on both Crota and the Vault. I haven’t had any of those glitches for a long time.

          • I’m sure they have, and I’m sure future fixes will fix future bugs. The problem though is that Bungie release their content with mechanics they feel players shouldn’t use and then in an attempt to rectify this break an existing working piece of content. This then causes a few weeks of grief before they release a patch that fixes their new problems however usually ends up breaking something else. We raided VoG quite religiously twice a week for about 3-4 months. I don’t recall us having a single run where there wasn’t at least one glitch we would come afoul of. Charging US $40 for that kind of shoddy release is a problem for me. That said to each their own; if people feel the price tag is justified by the content then by all means!

            Edit: tl;dr Bungie need to playtest their damn content more and spend less time on marketing and pricing models.

          • And when people want to do the Taken King raid on launch? A month after launch, even? Two months? Three? It took them until January to fix the bugs in Templar and Atheon, which launched mid-September.

            I still play daily, but I can’t deny that VoG could be a buggy mess at times, and wasn’t fully fixed until after the content was made irrelevant by vendor gear. HoW’s ascension mechanic brought back its relevance somewhat, so maybe people will go back and be able to enjoy it properly now. I’m looking forward to Taken King’s raid, but I can’t say Bungie’s raids have historically launched in a fit state, by any means, so I’m going to remain sceptical about this one.

            That said, PoE has thus far been mostly glitch-free (though lag still means you can defuse all the mines and fail a couple seconds later because you apparently failed to do so – so many times I’ve heard Variks say “You disappoint me, guardians… Success!”… but that can be managed by accounting for the extra few seconds, and isn’t terribly game-breaking).

  • I agree with the general sentiment that an extra sub-class, another raid and a handful of “story” missions is nice, but not for that price. They’ll need to be adding a lot more to justify that.

  • WTF, so Destiny’s season pass includes The dark below, and House of Wolves for $40, but you need to pay another 40 for the taken king cause its not included in the season pass?!?!? WTSF?!?

    • What Bungie are trying to say is the season has passed for their season pass.

      *snicker* Sorry I couldn’t resist! XD

    • That wasn’t a Season Pass, that was the first two Expansions. It was very clear that it was only the first two expansions.

      • so if The Take King is US$40, im tipping we’ll be looking at about AU$50-AU$60. can you justify AU$90 – AU$100 for expansion content?

        • I can’t really justify more than $20 for DLC.

          Especially going by the last two expansion packs which where kind of sparse.

          Edit: I’m not saying there was value for money in those last expansions, we eager Bungie fans thought we where going to be getting a lot more than what we got. We’re going to be a hell of a lot more cautious this time around.

          There may be very little to do in Destiny, but it is still great to do it.

  • From what I remember, this is the previously-titled “Comet” DLC. It isn’t just another add-on, but more of a “proper” (I use the term loosely) expansion.

    Although nothing is set in stone, early reports advised that there will be something along the lines of 12 new story missions, 2-3 strikes and the new raid. WHile this can be taken with a grain of salt, other details such as a new subclass were also mentioned at that time.

    I’m cautious as well, but let’s just see what will actually be included before flying off the handle at the price.

    • And if I remember correctly, there is also a new “patrol” area within the DLC loosely called “Hive Ship”, like that of Earth Venus, etc in the same early reports.

  • It’s funny how many people have complained that it’s not enough content, when many Destiny players have managed to pump hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the main game let alone the DLC. “grrrr this is such a rip off! I’M SO MAD I’LL ONLY PLAY THE GAME FOR 5 HOURS TODAY INSTEAD OF 10 THAT’LL SHOW THEM”

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