Learn Heroes Of The Storm's Zeratul In Three Minutes

Heroes of the Storm just came out, while it's normal for a game this young to have a rapidly changing metagame, this might just be the type of metagame that never ceases its turbulence. There are a few givens, though, and we've put together a three minute guide to playing the more versatile stealth assassin: Zeratul.

Parts of this guide are vague because there's only so much you can fit into three minutes, but parts are that way by design. This is an ability damage build, and some choices are more set in stone than others. While some might swear by the First Aid talent, I usually opt to go full ability damage, and let Regeneration Master keep me in the field.

Of course, you'll want to change your build depending on the situation. Different team compositions, maps, and hell, even your mood.

Got any other tips to help your fellow Kotakuers avoid playing like a Zerafool? Or for the stealth assassin playstyle in general? Drop them in the comments below!


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