Let's Compare Gears Of War On Xbox 360 Vs Xbox One

Let's Compare Gears of War On Xbox 360 vs Xbox One

Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the GoW remaster on the Xbox One, is a very pretty game — especially when compared to the original.

This is probably not surprising! However, it's still nice to see just how much the graphics have improved. Here's a collection of comparison pictures for your viewing/chainsawing pleasure. Left screenshot is Xbox 360, right screenshot is Xbox One; use the slider to view the respective pictures in full.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition releases August 25, 2015. Starting today, you can actually download a multiplayer beta for the remaster on Xbox One.


    The new one just looks like I remember the old one looking. Funny how the rose-coloured-glasses work!

    I don’t know why they’re only releasing the first game, it seems like a bit of a waste.

    Have I missed any news on the timing or price for this game? Really it shouldn’t be more than $30AU, perhaps eventually with the sequels added for $10-15 each like they just did with Halo ODST.

      I was thinking exactly the same!

      If anything, these screen show just how good Gears really did look for a launch title. Still totally holds up.

        It wasn't a launch title. Gears came out at least 18 months after the 360 launched.

        I remember seeing the 'Mad World' GoW trailer that they showed at E3 (back when it was a crazy new thing to download trailers directly) and being blown away.

        EDIT: Sorry. It was 12 months. Gears came out in Nov 06, 360 launched in the US in Nov 05 (Mar 06 in Aus).

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          I remember many of my friends insisting that there was no way that that trailer was in-game footage.

      Isn't it!? I'm looking at the 360 shots thinking - it looked like that???!

      JB has it listed for $49 I expect that to be undercut by all the majors

    I will play this again just for the Cole train baby!

    Great, now it's going to be even harder to find people willing to do a 4 player co-op run through the campaign and Horde mode >:

    Are the images messed up for anyone else? The XB1 versions look all stretchy & crap

    I purchased a 360 because of this game. Love it!

      Yep, it was the first game I purchased for the 360. Ah memories....

    Very exciting. One of my favorites, will definately pick this one up and probably even give the beta a run through too :)
    FYI: The Beta codes will be sent out VIA xbox live message. So check your inboxes for the code! Although apparently there are issues downloading at the moment, probably due to everyone trying to redeem at once

      Can't wait to have a go at this tonight!

      I was ever any good at Gears 1 MP but Gears 3 I was so I'd like to test if I got better or the game got easier!

        Sorry, I had my info wrong :( to get a beta code, go to the link below and it will THEN be sent to you as a Live message :)

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