Let's Hope The Martian Is A Return To Form For Ridley Scott

Personally, for me, Alien is top 3 of all time. Blade Runner is top 10. So the fact that Ridley Scott is making a movie about a man stranded on Mars called The Martian? This is cause for great celebration. I can only hope this will be a long awaited return to form for Ridley Scott, because I feel as though we need Ridley Scott making great sci-fi again.

And The Martian looks like it could be great sci-fi. Or perhaps a cool twist on the whole Robinson Crusoe thing. Being stranded on an planet four years from Earth sounds like a bad time, but it's a great concept for a story and I for one can't wait to watch it.

I mean this trailer features the words "I'm going to have to science the shit of this". How can this movie be bad?


    Ridley Scott is great at world building and the visual side, but it's usually the story where he falls over. Give him a good story and you'll get a good to great movie.

    The book it's based on is great. Highly recommend it if the trailer got you interested. And the screenplay was written by Drew Goddard who wrote/directed Cabin in the Woods and developed the series/wrote the first couple of episodes of Daredevil. So there's promise there.

    Side note: "I'm going to have to science the shit out of this" is perfectly in character for Watney's character, who is a bit of a dork.

    I am such a goddamn champion for this book, and I am so excited for the movie.

    Or perhaps a cool twist on the whole Robinson Crusoe thing.

    There's already a movie called Robinson Crusoe On Mars. It's surprisingly excellent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJkyFUpAnuk

    Watched the trailer earlier this morning and I am definitely looking forward to this. I'm already trying to keep myself from reading the synopsis of the book (or even the book itself) because the film looks great :D

    *insert comment about Matt Damon being stranded twice etc*

    I keep saying it but the cinematic release of Prometheus didn't do it justice. The scenes they opted to cut made the movie flow far less fluidly and make far less sense.

    Watch the extended edition on DVD or watch the removed scenes and it'll suddenly make a lot more sense.

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      But, really, how could anyone who was working on Prometheus look at what they released and say, 'Yeah, this movie isn't a huge sack of bantha poodoo. Great job everyone.'

      That's a really good way to make sure no-one wants to buy the DVD/Blu Ray.

      I had no idea there were deleted scenes. I'm reading up now and it is already making the movie more palatable. Thanks so much :)

    I thought the book was a bit average. Found there to be way too much rambling analytical elements, not enough narrative. I never need to read another book about growing potatoes on Mars. It was definitely a 'smart' book though. Hopefully it plays out a bit better on screen.

      Thats what I loved about the book, how much narrative can you get whilst being stranded on a planet alone? The detail was great, what you would expect from an engineer being stranded, lots of rambling!!!

    I will never, ever understand the hate Prometheus gets. While I agree with WhitePointer that the cut scenes make the movie flow better (especially the extra stuff with the Engineer), even in the theatrical cut I fully understood what was going on. I LIKED that it tried to go beyond a slithering horror in the darkness. I LIKED that it didn't hold your hand. I LIKED that it implied rather than outright said.

    I LIKED PROMETHEUS. There's maybe not many people who did, but I'm one of them.

      You're not alone there. I would happily watch Prometheus again and again. At no point was I confused, just super curious and fascinated in working it out by myself.

        My problem with Prometheus wasn't that it was vague, most of it was easy enough to get a hold of like you say. My problem with Prometheus was that there was so much DUMB SHIT that insulted my intelligence attached to a decent premise, prime example: 'scientist' playing with snake-penis monster as if he were a 5 year old talking to a friend's dog. There are MANY more from that movie and it was fucking infuriating.

        Sci-Fi needs to be much smarter.

          That's another thing that the deleted scenes explain better. The dude's a xenobiologist and in one of the cut scenes he finds one of the unmutated worms and does exactly the same thing because, in spite of his field he's never seen a live alien before. I kinda assumed that was the case when I saw the theatrical cut but the deleted scenes confirmed my suspicions.

            That doesn't really explain it as much as it sets a precedent of the guy acting like a dumbass. I mean yeah, he's fascinated, but he doesn't come across as so entranced by what he's seeing that it would circumvent all logic. Yes, he's a xenobiologist seeing his first (well, second in the extended cut) alien, but he's still a xenobiologist so he's got to have some basic understanding of how bad an idea it is to stick his face right up into an alien life form.
            I mean you can't stand there insisting your movie is intelligent, detailed, thought provoking sci-fi and then have your characters follow slasher movie rules and defy logic for the sake of getting stabbed up in the basement.

            I get that there's more going on in Prometheus than meets the eye and normally I'd like that, but I feel like even if there were thought bubbles walking the viewer through exactly what the characters were thinking they still wouldn't be deep or properly motivated. The movie never managed to convince me that the characters themselves were flawed rather than the script.
            I'm sure there's a deleted scene explaining that they took their helmets off the second they were able to because it meant they could spend longer exploring, or because they were super uncomfortable and not practical, or because they wanted to conserve their oxygen in case they got stuck out in the storm, but ultimately I don't need a two minute explanation on how their gear works or a lesson in mission protocol I just need them to handle that situation like people rather than actors and a director who are clearly trying to get props out of the way.

          As bathmat said and as I said in a post above, that's EXACTLY the type of thing the deleted scenes actually explain.

            I've got it on Blu-Ray and while the extra scenes make it a much better movie, it doesn't make up for a lot of the dumb shit the movie does. For me that includes that scene.

      The story may not have held your hand, but the symbolism sure did.

      "Do you get it? Huh? Huh?!"
      "Yes, movie, I get it! Faith and motherhood! Quit poking me in the face with this crap every five minutes, you're not as clever as you think you are."

      I could have tolerated the characters all being utter morons, besides Fass, but I walked out with blunt metaphors trauma.

    Am I the only one who has mixed emotions seeing Matt Damon in this trailer after seeing his character in Interstellar?

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      Not at all. My first reaction was 'DON'T RESCUE HIM YOU FOOLS!'

      Especially when there's that other chick on the ship from the same movie.

      I'm pretty sure this is a sequel. Or prequel. Or both :P

      This is an Interstellar spin-off film as far as I'm concerned and that's not a bad thing. :P

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        Nope nope nope.

        THIS movie will make goddamn actual sense.

    I can't wait to see what Ridley does with this. I loved the book and I'm glad it's in the hands of a master filmmaker.

    Hopefully he won't try to tie this one to the Alien franchise like Prometeus.

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