Let's Speculate About The Future Of The Marvel Universe

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

Ever since yesterday, Marvel's been talking about how the next version of their superhero universe will look a whole lot different. And a new teaser image gives a glimpse of even more changes, including a female Wolverine. Time to put on our thinking caps, true believers.

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

Is That Tony Stark in the Iron Man Armour?

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

As previously discussed, the presentation of the Iron Man seen in the Free Comic Book Day All-New, All-Different Avengers story was... coy. It might not be — as some readers think — Tony Stark in the red-and-gold suit at all.

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

Combined with yesterday's teases about a new Hulk, the comments about the founding of the Avengers in the image above have folks wondering if it's Bruce Banner wearing the Iron Man.

Members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four Are Still Around...

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

Despite their disappearance from merchandise and a nebulous publishing status, characters from Marvel's First Family and mutant populations are in the newest teaser image. Maybe Marvel's movie-rights beef with Fox won't affect their comics output, then. But, it looks like the Thing has a Guardians of the Galaxy uniform on, doesn't it?

Including a Woman in a Wolverine Suit

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

There was mention of a new Wolverine in the interviews with Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso yesterday and there she is. Odds are that's X-23 — the female clone of Wolverine — in the character's superhero togs. She's been part of the weekly Wolverines comic that's been happening in the aftermath of Logan's death. But she's also standing right next to the alt-universe Old Man Logan version of her forebear. In the latest He's raising a baby Hulk in the Old Man Logan Secret Wars tie-in comic. Maybe that's the new Hulk talked up by Marvel?

Why's Daredevil Hiding His Face Again?

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

Matt Murdock's secret identity is a thing of the past in the current iteration of the Daredevil comics. So why's the Daredevil up there wearing a mask? Could be that it's not Murdock at all, especially with the weird change to his DD insignia.

Other Characters from the Ultimate Universe Will Be Around After Secret Wars

Let's Speculate About the Future of the Marvel Universe

It's all but confirmed that Miles Morales will be making the jump from a parallel dimension to the mainline Marvel Universe after Secret Wars. A Fast Company piece notes that Alonso says that the newer Spider-Man won't be the only one to wind up in the new reality:

Alonso says that some of those Ultimate characters will continue in the main continuity, giving Marvel "an incredible, wide array of options to spice up our universe."

There's a lot of other stuff in the new teaser image to wonder about, like a younger-looking Dr. Strange holding a big ol' battle axe, Squadron Supreme characters Hyperion and Spectrum hovering in the background and Thunderbolts' character Citizen V making an unexpected return. What do you think it all means? Sound off in the comments below.


    I want to see the love child of Nightcrawler and Dazzler! he or she could be called nightlight, and they can shoot out black lights from their hands that smell like rotten eggs and brimstone!

    Here's how it'll go. 50-60 "All new" issue 1 books for a huge bunch of titles that'll be too much for writers and artists to keep up with, leading to another "big event" that'll stop at least 50% of those titles and revert all the stupid changes Marvel makes now.

    As long as we get more Miss Marvel and the new Nova I'm happy.

    I'm glad Miles and Spider-Gwen are still around, excited for a Black Panther comic too.

    I reckon the only thing I'm going to be remotely interested in following with this new Marvel reboot is the Inhumans. This whole "all new" reboot is leaving me quite disconnected from the characters/personalities I'd already grown fond of from the Marvel NOW! reboot.

      It's not a reboot at all. It's the same universe from before Secret Wars, just with a few new alternate reality characters added to the mainstream mix.

      Marvel's already said it will be "familiar" to long time readers, and they've also confirmed Spider-Gwen will still be around and still in her own universe, crossing over with the mainstream MU occasionally.

    Uhh, you guys have an article yesterday where it was said that Tony IS in the armour.

    I don't know about post-Secret Wars, just have to wait and see, Secret Wars has been a lot of fun so far.

    I predict that the future of the Marvel universe will be rebooted in five years or less.

    Last edited 08/06/15 5:37 pm

    i dun get it o.o
    i like marvel, but i think it's getting too far too complicated with tie in and link everywhere
    in the end i just gonna watch the movie and dont care about comics

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